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A weekend without plans and obligations is a beautiful thing. There is a downside, though. No blog fodder. That’s not to say that I didn’t have fun, because I did, but I didn’t have fun that can be turned into a nice little blog post.

Sure, I had dinner at my friend Jo-Ann’s house Friday night. And sure, we drank beer and ate delicious steak. We even attempted a fire outside but the wood was wet. The conversation was great, though, and we had a fun time.

I spent Saturday planning the menu for our Halloween party and I started getting the decorations up, too. Again, fun, but also not much to blog about.

Saturday night was a wonderful evening at home with shrimp and scallops and pasta, martinis and bourbon and beer, lots of music and dancing in the kitchen with my very romantic husband. He even cleaned up after dinner and I did take a photo or two of that. I thought I might be able to cobble a blog post out of those photos but they weren’t that great. I’m sure that had nothing to do with the martinis and bourbon and beer. Ahem.

Sunday was breakfast with our daughters as Hannah was home to go to a concert this weekend. And then more Halloween party prep. There was driving around and shopping and good fun but still, nothing for the blog. Then we came home and it was chilly so Dale built the first woodstove fire of the season.

Thank goodness I took a photo.


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Party planning can almost be as fun as the party and Hannah was even home! The fire pic is perfect as the fall chill is certainly upon us.

  2. A weekend without plans is a beautiful thing – especially when it’s autumn and the weather is so nice! Sounds like you had a fun weekend. And yes – the first fire in the woodstove is ALWAYS photo worthy.

  3. It sure is chilly here in NE. When my fingers were too stiff to knit this a.m., I ………..turned on the heat.

  4. I love “planless” weekends… we have one coming up next weekend. I’m hoping to sack out at my parents at some point and sit by the wood stove 🙂 perhaps on Sunday…

  5. Nothing to blog about…you gotta be kidding! sounds like a great weekend and knowing you, plans for Halloween party are probably awesome! I am in reentry mode after a week at CONK (Colorado Knitting Camp) with (be still my heart), Lucy Neatby. I’m off to cut lavender flowers in anticipation of major snow Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Happy Monday!

  6. If you’d only known how exciting lighting the fire would turn out to be on Friday night, you’d have had your camera ready!! Sounds like a perfectly heavenly weekend. The bride & her parents were tickled to know that you & Dale were dancing in the kitchen thinking of them all 🙂

  7. Good weekends do not always lend themselves to photos. Or even good photos. Thankfully, that does not take away from the good of the weekends.

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