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Livin’ For the Faire

Glitter on the ground can mean only one thing . . . we went to King Richard’s Faire this weekend. We seem to be on an every-other-year schedule and, given how expensive it is, that’s probably a good thing. It was a beautiful fall day, though, and it was wonderful to be in the woods and with the fairies and gypsies, the knights and pirates, the king and his court and all the magical creatures.

I had my handsome wizard with me, of course. It’s so much fun to go to events like this with Dale because he loves to dress up in costumes and play at being someone else for a while. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – he’s just a big kid and it’s probably the thing I love most about him.

The faire was as colorful as always, with bright decorations hanging from the trees.

And so many things for sale, like these colorful floral wreaths.

There was also beer for sale, thank goodness.

The entertainment was as good as always. The king’s court did a number based on Livin’ on a Prayer but they changed the words to Livin’ for the Faire. Their song lyrics are always quite clever and watching them perform is one of my favorite parts of going to the faire. Please to note the monk with the electric guitar. Heh.

The street performers are also quite good and we had fun watching a duel between a couple of them. We had a chance to chat with them a bit later in the afternoon and it was really interesting to hear about their lives, moving from faire to faire. They both seem to love what they are doing and said they are lucky to make a living at it for right now.

It seems like everyone at the fair is in a good mood and that’s probably what makes it so fun. There’s laughter and entertainment and the people watching is fantastic. I can’t think of a better way to spend a gorgeous fall Saturday with my husband.

And that’s what I’ll keep telling myself when I start reading about everyone’s trips to Rhinebeck.

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  1. The photos give me fond memories of the Faire our sixth grade team put on every year! It was so much work all year long, but truly magical on that day. I dressed as a Fae ( not sure I’m spelling this correctly) and still have the costume!

  2. Great photos and looks like it was a great time and yes, I was
    fully expecting pictures and yarn purchases and stories about

  3. It looks like you had a blast! Is the blond fellow missing his left hand or is it an optical illusion? Dale looks delightfully magical. How nice to have your own wizard!!

  4. It looks like a LOT of fun.

    And in a misery-loves-company-moment, I told myself that finding a new winter coat (which I truly needed) on sale this weekend made up for missing Rhinebeck …

  5. Dale looks grand! Let me guess who made his beautiful costume… There’s an annual medieval fair here at Fort Tryon Park in NYC which we passed through several weeks ago on our way to hunt mushrooms. It’s intense. They have joisting, crafts, food, mead, among other things. Maybe you’d like to see it sometime. Yours sounded lovely. Did you wear a costume, too?

    Here’s the lowdown. We went to Rhinebeck yesterday. After reading the ravelry comments Saturday night about the Saturday lines (one woman waited 2 hours to pay for yarn at Sanguine Griffin) and how long it took to leave, I’m glad we picked Sunday and there was still tons of yarn left. I waited only 3 minutes at Sanguine Griffin for some lovely laceweight. I scored the marled alpaca to semi-replace the cherished scarf that my daughter left behind at a party, and got to meet Alasdair Post-Quinn, the author of Extreme Double Knitting, which I recently bought after knitting the Tapestry Cowl. All the vendors and farmers were very nice.

  6. I’ve never been to a Faire. Sure looks like fun! We have a few around here… I just need to get it on my list.

    I’m perfectly fine with not going to Rhinebeck, as I’ve had plenty of fiber fun this year… but still, I feel the pangs as I read about all the fun and merriment!

  7. Having been to both our local ren faire, and Rhinebeck on Saturday I’d say you didn’t miss anything, cept lines, rain, traffic and the opportunity to spend $ on yarn you probably don’t need anyway ~wink

  8. We haven’t been to the fair in years. It has become kind of expensive and it hasn’t fit into the budget. Neither did Rhinebeck – which was a real painful one since I practically had to drive right past it on our way home from a wedding this weekend! I am looking forward to NE Fiber Festival though!

    The Fair does make for the best people watching around. My husband still tells stories from years past…..

  9. His beard needs to be a leeetle bit longer, then he can dress it in sequential ponytail elastics like the second Dumbledore….

  10. I haven’t been to a Faire since I was little. Looks like fun. Lindsey and I went to a craft fair thise weekend. Not quite the same. I’m surprised that you didn’t go to Rhinebeck.

  11. Looks like a perfectly wonderful adventure! I’ve never been to a faire before — but, wow!, it looks like something I need to check out! Love Dale’s costume . . . but I’m wondering what YOURS looked like! ;^)

  12. Love King Richard’s Faire – we have to go back sometime soon. It’s definitely worth the expense, and you’re right – everyone is always in a good mood 🙂

  13. Looks like you two had a fun time indeed! I really missed seeing you at Rhinebeck, not to worry though, I petted yarn, and we picked up a couple of cases of souvenir yuengling in your and Dales honor!

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