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A Walk Through A Park

Hannah has told me many times about the little park near her school where she and her friends like to go and hang out. I’ve never had the chance to visit it myself, though, as picking her up always seems to be a rushed affair. Last Friday, however, Dale and I deliberately arrived 1/2 hour before she expected us so that we could go take a walk through this park. It was enchanting.

There are walking trails throughout, making it easy to stroll about. There is a beautiful little pond, full of ducks and there are more chipmunks than I have ever seen in my life.

There is the awesome structure with a water wheel. The wheel wasn’t moving but it sure was picturesque. I wish the water had been a little smoother so that I could have captured a reflection without distortion but I did my best with the conditions.

And there is a beautiful stone bridge. I half expected to see a troll underneath it – it looks like something right out of a fairy tale.
We spent about 30 minutes or so just wandering around, enjoying the flora and fauna and the beautiful weather. I can see why the kids like to hang out here. Just before it was time to go we came upon this pretty house surrounded by lots of colorful flowers.

I would have loved to sit for a while and knit on this bench by the front door, but  it was time to go pick up my girlie. I hadn’t seen her in 5 weeks – even the lure of sunshine and knitting wasn’t strong enough to keep me there a minute longer.

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  1. What a beautiful and peaceful place! Guess we know where we can find you when you’re near campus now huh?

  2. The park is very picturesque and enchanting. The bridge is stunningly built and the lily pads beneath remind me of Monet. You have quite a treasure there and it is no wonder it’s usually full of students. I want to stay there!

  3. Beautiful, and I think the slightly rippled reflection is neat! I’m with Margene on Monet and the waterlilies :o)

  4. What a sweet little spot! I can easily imagine parking my butt on that bench and knitting for a while. Hannah has a nice little place to visit. And you have a great place to take pictures during the different seasons!

  5. That does look lovely and picturesque. I adore the house with the waterwheel. It really does look like something out of a fairy tale.

  6. It sounds like The Secret Garden! It’ll be fun visiting it as the seasons change. And the bridge! That’s a romantic spot, for sure!

  7. That park is just BEAUTIFUL!! So peaceful and picturesque. I would love to have something like that nearby. I could see myself passing many hours, reading, knitting, and maybe doing some exercise walking!

  8. What a wonderful campus bonus! (And you can take some really great graduation photos there some day.) Lovely spot.

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