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Pimento Cheese

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I may not agree with Southern politics but I sure do love Southern food. Fried chicken, grits, biscuits, fried green tomatoes . . . I love it all. Lately I’ve discovered a new-to-me Southern food that I really love – Pimento Cheese. I made it for Hannah’s birthday cook out back in September and I made it for our Halloween party and both times I could not get over how quickly it disappeared. It disappeared so fast, in fact, that I hardly got any and neither did Dale. So I made some for just us today. We’re about to watch a movie and later there will be football and this pimento cheese will be a great snack.

It’s so simple – grated sharp cheese, grated extra sharp cheese, a jar of pimentos, a little mayo and some cream cheese. It’s not healthy but it sure is gooooood.

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  1. Where did you find your recipe? Until you mentioned it for Hannah’s birthday, I’d never even heard of it. Looks yummy.

  2. I LOVE pimento cheese. it makes a great grilled cheese, too! (and now you’ve reminded me I have my grandmother’s recipe – she was born and raised and lived her whole life in southern alabama. I need to track that down and make some!)

  3. This is very timely! I need to bring a snack to a meeting later this afternoon. This just might do the job. Served with some crackers yummy!

  4. I didn’t know you were blogging on the weekend! Pimento
    Cheese is one of the first Southern treats I discovered after
    moving here. It is absolutely delicious and I don’t know anyone
    who doesn’t like it and like everything else it’s…..moderation,
    moderation, moderation!

  5. I do believe your version is the Yankee version of Pimento cheese. I’ve never heard of or made pimento cheese with cream cheese. Sounds…interesting! Most people make it with just the grated sharp cheese, a little mayo (must be Duke’s!), pimentos and salt and pepper. I’ve heard of people adding Worcestershire sauce, but never cream cheese.

  6. My sister MIL is Southern and makes this for us all the time. There is nothing like it! She says they would just have pimento cheese in their sandwiches all the time when they were young.
    I like it smeared on a toasted bagel!

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