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We have been having a very mild November around here. I don’t mind but it’s kind of hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s 60° out there. While at the grocery store on Saturday I parked next to a guy with a Christmas tree in the back of his pick up but as I walked to the store entrance a guy drove buy in a convertible and the top was down. Weird.

You know what else is weird?

Putting up the Christmas lights while barefoot.

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  1. While I’m counting our blessings weather wise, my outdoor decorations look out of place. Gorgeous summery sunrise this morning!

  2. Nice! I’m jealous: you have your lights up already, the weather sounds delightful, your toe color is magnificent (and Christmas-y!). I already miss my shorts and long for the sunshine of summer. Bring on the Solstice!

  3. Perfect Christmas toes! It has been kind of weird. . . having such a warm November. I actually have a fall iris blooming again. Now. Very odd.

  4. I completely agree with Gale. Yes it is weird esp with our lights lit at night and the spring like temps. I heard a few confused birds yesterday singing their hearts out.

  5. Smokey took the kids and their dog for a ride in his new-to-him convertible on Thanksgiving. Only 50? here that day, but still unseasonably warm.

    Re: bare feet and Christmas decorations. Welcome to Florida!

  6. they’re forecasting SNOW here in Atlanta tomorrow…. I’m afraid our mild November is no more! (love the toes – perfect for holiday decorating)

  7. My niece, who grew up on the east coast and is now going to school here in Colorado, describes our weather as bipolar. It was 65 degrees yesterday and on Thursday our low will be ten degrees. So, I guess we have the perfect climate — put up the lights in bare feet, then e joy them in the cold. We’ll be glad to send some your way. Jo

  8. Definitely weird seeing bare toes and Christmas lights in the same vicinity!! I’ll take it, we’ll be freezing and up to our armpits in snow soon enough 🙂

  9. Wow. I know! I haven’t had the need for anything more than my Ragtop Mitts on my hands, either, even on the pre-dawn drive to work! Barefoot, though… that’s just weird.

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