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Christmas Decorating!

I spent most of Friday decorating the house for Christmas. It’s not my preferred way to spend a day off as it feels way too much like work but it’s December and it’s got to get done. Well, I suppose it doesn’t have to get done but I want it done and since elves are in short supply around here it falls to me. Once I got going it wasn’t that bad although I was kind of frustrated when I realized that the new garland I had ordered was unlit when I thought I had ordered prelit. No wonder it was so cheap. Doh.

I decided not to put out most of my snowman collection this year. I’m not a scrooge or anything but I’m sort of tired of the same decorations year after year and I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit.  So I went for a different look in the kitchen by pulling together a bunch of our Swedish stuff and setting it up on the windowsill. The “God Jul” banner was a custom order from an etsy shop and I just love it.

I changed things in the living room, too. I put lighted garland on the mantel for the first time and I took some other garland that I had and put it on top of our windows – you know, over the tops of the drapes. I really like the way the mantel looks with the counted cross stitched nativity set that I made years ago.

I repurposed this garland and put it around the light fixture in the dining room. I think it’s pretty and I’ve actually added some red satin bows since I took this photo.

The Christmas tree made of rhinestone jewelry that my mom made is back in it’s place in the dining room. I’m so glad we decided to hang it up last year and I’m enjoying it as much as ever.

Finally, what could be more Christmas-y than Santa and Mrs. Claus arriving in town? They are always at the very end of our Christmas parade and it cheers my heart to see them.

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  1. your decorations look so festive! especially love the swedish display in your kitchen (my mom’s father came from sweden in the early 1920’s, so the decor has a special place in our hearts). I don’t mind the putting up too much, but the taking down? that’s a chore I despise!

  2. The decorations are beautiful! I too love the Swedish display. Changing things up really adds a fresh look to the season. I’m giving careful consideration to what I place around the house this year. My Santas will be more spread out around the house which I’m really enjoying.

  3. Carole, it’s beautiful! It’s always such a challenge to change things up and try new things — but it’s exciting, too! I love your Swedish decorations! I, too, am Swedish — so have a particular fondness for all things of the God Jul variety. 🙂 (The jeweled Christmas tree of your mother’s is just stunning!)

  4. i don’t think i’m going to do any christmas decorating. i just don’t have it in me. i like that i can decide to go all out or not at all. i do love your mother’s tree. if i had something like that it would definitely come out regardless.

  5. I have one of those jewelry trees– I made it with my Nani years ago. Unfortunately, my 6 year old self convinced my grampy it would be better with lights… so it has lights embedded. It went from potentially classy and upcycled chic to well, very north shore christmas.

  6. Carole:

    I’m so glad you posted your mother’s Christmas tree again this year. I have to say that I would be tempted to keep it up year round if it was mine. You have a nice flair for decorating. It must run in the genes.

  7. Your mother’s Christmas tree is a wonderful treasure, and I love the Dala horses – *must* find the 1 that’s somewhere around here in one of those good safe places 😉

  8. I really like your Mom’s Christmas tree; it’s so nice that the whole family had a hand in arranging it and that you can enjoy the memories each year. Your decorating looks very festive.

  9. Our Christmas parade is tomorrow night. Santa’s always at the end of ours, too, but never with the Mrs. ; ) Your holiday decor is wonderful — very inviting. If I lived closer, I’d be inviting myself over. Heh.

  10. Your decorations look beautiful.

    I hope Santa is the designated driver of the sleigh in your parade because Mrs. Santa Claus looks like she’s had a little too much eggnog.

  11. I WANT THOSE BROOCHES. ALL OF THEM. They are fabulous! They do make a great Christmas tree, though, I have to admit. Very clever, your mom.

  12. Your home is looking mighty festive, and OMG, that rhinestone jewelry tree is incredible!!! Now it’s clear that your craftiness is at least partly genetic.

  13. Last year we left town, so we only put up the tree. I’m excited to get our stuff out and let the girls go to town. With Halle going away to college next year, this will be her final (sigh) “little girl” decorating party!

    Your decorations certainly do inspire me to buy more garland!! So very Merry!, Carole!!

  14. Oh, I do love that tree… and I always forget about the Swedish side with you. I love those.. what are they? horses? Such a wonderful spot of color against the winter landscape. Well done!

  15. Yikes, I was just thinking that the Campbell’s soup ornaments might not come out. They don’t go on the tree, I usually hang the round ball ornaments on a garland over the fireplace and all of the other little figural ornaments go on a small tree in the tv room. I’m really considering letting that go and possibly selling the collection. I haven’t even ordered this year’s ornament. Maybe I will…….

    I love the Swedish decorations. There are so many quilty-crafty things you can make to go with that are easy. Ornaments and things.

    I WANT! that tree. I am going to start collecting pins right now. Lucky for me, I know my mom has a collection of them that she is trying to sell at the antique store in the building we work in. And probably other places, and she probably has a ton of them in her hoard, um, I mean collection……

  16. Love all your decorations—very beautiful! My friend just knit some Swedish christmas ornaments for her tree—really cool! Really love your Mom’s sparkly Christmas tree. I remember your post from last year, and have wanted to do one ever since….better get on that! I would enoy having it out all year, too……just so very special, tons of memories, and it’s so pretty!!

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