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Taking a prompt from Amanda and writing a weekending post for this Monday morning.

This weekend was filled with Christmas prep and Christmas fun
After errands on Friday there was toffee making and Christmas cookie planning
In the evening holiday specials and movies were watched
Santa Claus is Coming to Town for me
and Year Without A Santa Claus for Dale
Elf for both of us
A little “me” time on Saturday left me with pretty nails and feet
Saturday night was set aside for a romantic dinner
stuffed mushrooms
caesar salad
filet mignon
crash potatoes
brussel sprouts
homemade toffee for dessert
All while enjoying candle light and Christmas music
And feeling very sentimental and in love
Sunday, as always, was for football and knitting
But also some gift wrapping and peanut butter ball rolling
A perfect blend of fun and frolic, planning and accomplishing

How was your weekend?

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  1. The weekend/week has been all about the Festival of Trees at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum. This year I co-chaired Candy Lane, a craft room for children. During the 9 day festival, 1100 children came to Candy Lane to decorate a simple wooden ornament! 285 came on Sat. alone! Yesterday was a Christmas party and knitting. Now to finish the half completed decorating and other holiday prep!

  2. What a lovely weekend! Mine was, too. Just the right mix of busy and fun. (Like December ought be . . . at it’s best.)

  3. Last minute Santa shopping, Christmas decorating, and enjoying the sunshine. We’ve had COLD weather, but no snow – for which I am delighted; a lot of my weekend was spent waiting for the eighteen year old to come home from some late nights. Yours sounds wonderful! And how about that Bears/Bronco game, eh?

  4. Great weekend! The Pat’s game was quite enjoyable I thought. Could you tell us more about the crash potatoes one day? 🙂

  5. Yours sounded much more relaxing than mine. We spend most of it decorating, shopping, and entertaining. As much as I complain about the craziness I do enjoy it a bit 😉

  6. Your weekend sounds wonderful. We watched football. (Go Pack!) and I knitted and went to a choral concert with my daughter last night.

    The only cooking was soup and home made granola for my son’s Christmas box. Any baking we do will have to be for presents this year—and I’m okay with that.

  7. What recipe do you use for your toffee? We usually make ‘sucre a la creme’ (not sure if that’s toffee too or different) and I just found out that my aunt’s is a thick syrup, not nummy squares like my mom’s so I’m curious.

    I had a fairly quiet weekend preparing gifts to be mailed out and knitting (though I had several needles either break or splinter so it wasn’t as relaxing as I’d have liked!).

  8. That does sound like a nice weekend! The favorite part of my weekend was having dinner out with Steve last night. We both had beef tips with peppercorn sauce over garlic mashed potatoes. Very tasty!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend, Carole! I strained my back on Friday and that slowed me down some over the weekend, but on the mend. Lights are on the tree!

  10. Great photo and post and makes me realize how little I did! Holiday crunch time for me. I’m behind on everything!

    I just love that quilted runner — says “Christmas” when you want it to and not when when don’t — it’s perfect! Where is the order form? 🙂

  11. your weekend sounds delicious. Mine was wall to wall activity–rewarding but a little too hectic. hectic continues through Wed. Then I hope to have time for cookie baking, etc. Jo

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