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I am so happy to be showing you photos of my finished Hawthorne today. This is partially because it’s nice to talk about finished hand knits but it’s also because I have this rule about not wearing my hand knits until I’ve posted about them on the blog and I am quite anxious to wear this one. Okay, if we’re being completely honest I should probably confess that I did wear this already last Friday night . . . but I haven’t worn it since. I only cheated on you a tiny bit.

I loved knitting this scarf. Or shawl. I truthfully can’t decide what to call it but it doesn’t really matter because it was so much fun to knit. The yarn, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru, was wonderful to work with and the color is gorgeous for a dreary winter day.

It’s knit from the bottom edge and, while it takes a while to cast on all those stitches, then you get right into working with the charts and it just moves along so quickly and beautifully.

I love the points.

And these sets of three – what are they? Leaves?

Once you finish with the charts it’s all short rows in garter stitch. This took longer than I thought it would but it was still pretty quick. The garter rows are smooshy and scunchable and soft.

It’s warm and wonderful when wrapped around my neck and now that you’ve seen it I can wear it with pleasure. Yay!

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  1. When I pulled up your post this morning, I just gasped out an OOOOOOOOO! What a beautiful shawl/scarf, Carole! I love the color — and, oh wow! I want one, too! Lovely. Have fun wearing it!

  2. Carole, that is just beautiful!! The pattern shows so nicely in that color and yarn and the color is gorgeous!!! Any sweater
    patterns look interesting or in the horizon? Looking for something for inspiration.

  3. What a wonderfully unique scarf/shawl! I would love to see it on you. I love shawls that begin on the bottom edge – well, once I’ve gotten the stitches cast on. Such restraint you have; if I didn’t wear a knit until it was photographed, I’d have a very large pile. I admire your discipline!

  4. What a fabulous color…one of my favorites. You have inspired me…I may have to buy that pattern and knit one of my own.

  5. That is really beautiful, Carole! I wasn’t sure if I liked that pattern because it looked kind of bulky to me (not necessarily a good thing to wear in the south). But yours doesn’t look bulky at all.

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