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I didn’t write about socks yesterday because neither pair looks all that different than they did last week. The reason for that is two-fold. First, I worked hard and steady on the Vivian sweater for Hannah. The knitting on that is now finished and I just need to get a zipper. Second, I started Hawthorne.

This is not the yarn I originally intended to use but I saw this skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru at Webs last week and it sort of jumped into my basket. I am really enjoying knitting this pattern and the yarn is a pleasure to work with.

Those socks can wait.

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  1. I LOVE Susannah IC’s lace shawls – the lace is a fun challenge, and then the short rows to finish up seem to fly by. (and then you can work on that zipper 🙂

  2. I’m always so surprised when the yarn jumps like that! Hawthorne is such a gorgeous shawl — I love the mix of garter stitch and lace. And congratulations on finishing the Vivian knitting! Can’t wait to see it.

  3. it’s amazing how those sassy pink yarns just hop into your basket. They’re determined, so there’s no fighting it! Can’t wait to see pctures of your lovely daughter modeling Vivian! Congratulations on finishing it!

  4. Hawthorne’s been on my list of wanna knits since its publication. But I’ve never seen it in such a wow color — it’s going to be specatcular. So smart of you to knit a fall/winter shawlette in such a happy color 🙂

  5. oohh…that’s gonna look great with jeans and a dark gray top ..or with an all black look for night (or intimidating city councilors).

  6. This combination is adorable Carole!

    Also, I totally get the pimento cheese thing, since I grew up in Texas. We had pimento cheese sandwichs or with crackers or spread on celery sticks on a regular basis. I still crave this treat, but my kids (born and raised in WA State) have always thought it was gross. Sadly, I gave up dairy to feel better, and it worked, so no cheese for me!

  7. Oh I hope you enjoy that pattern as much as I did. The pink is lovely…and pink is the new black! 😉

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