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Marissa’s Blanket

Way back in June, while my dear friend Hillary was in the throes of labor, I started a blanket.

I started this blanket because I love Hillary and her family. They have had me as a guest in their home on two different occasions and they are gracious and welcoming. They are fun and friendly and warm. I wanted to make something for this new addition to their family to show them how happy I was about the whole darn thing.

Hillary and Bruce chose not to find out the sex of the baby so I had Kim custom dye this yarn for me in two beautiful shades of green. I started on Hillary’s due date and I knit on and on while she labored and I thought of her and wished her strength and comfort with every stitch.

After Bruce called to tell me about the safe arrival of their daughter I rejoiced at the news and I knit on some more. I pictured the happiness and love that was surrounding this family and wished I was with them.

I finally finished the blanket in July and then it sat and sat and sat until I photographed it a few weeks ago and mailed it off to Hillary. I justified my delay with the knowledge that summer is warm where Hillary lives and I didn’t think the blanket would be much needed.

Now that it is finally with it’s intended recipient I can show it to you in all it’s beauty. The pattern, Abby’s Blanket by the uber talented Kirsten, was a joy to knit.

And the two shades of green compliment each other perfectly. I love the open lace of the center and the squooshy smooshy garter stitch edge.

It brought me such happiness to knit this for Hillary and Marissa. I hope it brings them all the love and comfort in the world.

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  1. I already told you that I love the blanket but now reading about it makes me love it (and you) even more. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. I’m sure that it will be one of Marissa’s favorites – when she stops spitting up so much and I let her use it. 😉

  2. Just lovely. Since you are blogging every day, I will comment every day. No return comments necessary!

  3. Wonderful blanket, Carole! The colors will keep spring in mind. I love when people who use the word “uber.” 🙂

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