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Super Bowl Cookies

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It seems anticlimactic to share these cookies that I made for the Super Bowl since, as you may have heard, the Patriots lost the game. Boooooo.

Nevertheless, I made really cute cookies and I photographed the process so I want to show you want I did. I used the recipe and directions from Bake at 350 and, while it’s definitely time consuming, it’s really pretty fun and also fairly simple once you’ve got the right tools.

I used the Wilton Football Cookie set and made cookies in the shapes of footballs, pennants and jerseys. They were all outlined first with a #2 tip .

And then they were flooded in appropriate colors. I used squeeze bottles for the flooding and this worked much better than using pastry bags like I have in the past. It was less messy and definitely faster.

Once that icing had set up – and that takes a while – I started decorating with words and letters. This is the truly fun and creative part.

I made cookies for Vince Wilfork and Tom Brady.

I made footballs and pennants with slogans for Myra Kraft and the Pats.

And I made cookies for Benjarvus Green Ellis – we call him The Law Firm because it’s shorter – and Rob Gronkowski – we call him Gronk.

I let them set up over night and then I piled them all on a plate and brought them to our friend’s house. They really did look great and I think my friends were impressed with my mad decorating skillz. They tasted great, too!

Sadly, delicious cookies do not ensure a victory, even when you do put your heart and soul into them. At the end of the game I grabbed that Tom Brady cookie and used it to express how I felt about the game results.

(pardon the crappy iPhone photo)

Oh well. There’s always next year.

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  1. I am very impressed with your skills! It was a great season and I am looking forward to next season. But in the mean time I get my husband back on Sundays…..I am happy about that! Love #75 – he is my personal favorite!

  2. The cookies were perfect Super Bowl treats! My favorite Pat is Hernandez. Both boys play football and are from Ct. It was funny to have mixed emotions at the end of the game. The Giants are our favorite NFC team and the Pats our favorite AFC team.

  3. They are just adorable, Carole! Fun, and festive, and tasty, too. Sorry about the game. . . that’s the way the cookie crumbles. . .

  4. I love the squeeze bottle idea. Very clever, Carole! Your cookies were perfect and I bet watching with your friends was fun. It was an emotional game and though the outcome wasn’t what you’d hoped, I hope you had fun. Happy Wednesday!

  5. What a beautiful plate of cookies Carole! And…we’ll just have to wait until next year. I’m sure you’ll be making them again!

  6. OMG Carole, those are just fabulous!!! I just love them. How
    long did it take to make them, because I am thinking it was
    a lot of work but so worth it!! You are really talented and clever!
    As far as the game goes – I am still feeling the pain. Happy

  7. i totally feel you with that last shot. it got awful quiet in my house after that bomb brady threw. ah well. you’re right…next year.
    the cookies do look amazing and i’m sure they were delicious. i’ve always wanted to learn how to make those bakery-style cookies, so thanks for the link.
    go pats 2013!

  8. These are awesome!

    I made turnovers to eat when there was a turnover (which I keep forgetting to post about). I love the decorated sugar cookies, but the flooding and drying feel like they take forever!

  9. Love the cookies, your mad decorating skillz always impress me! Welcome to the wonderful world of Boston sports – where our constant tag-line for years has been “Just wait ’til next year!”

  10. Even most of the commercials had a “done that already” feel. A pretty flat evening, all around. At 10 o’clock EST, however, Downton Abbey came on!!!!

  11. I’m impressed with your “mad decorating skilz” and your patience!! Great plate of cookies, and I’ll bet they were as delicious as they were cute to look at. Nice work. And I share your frustration at the Patriots’ loss.

  12. aha! I guessed it. You’re a “there’s always next year” kind of gal! And, if there’s ever a Super Bowl of cookies, you’re going!

  13. I can’t believe how much work you did. Tom Brady should be slapped upside the head just for that! Maybe Giselle will do it for you … wait, I guess she’d be smacking a receiver! I am sorry your team didn’t win. The cookies look awesome.

  14. You have some mad cookie decorating skillz. They look great. I’m sorry that you were disappointed with the outcome of the game.

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