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Mail Call

You may have heard that some bloggers are participating in The Month of Letters Challenge. It’s a very simple concept: participants promise to mail something (a letter, a postcard, a newspaper clipping, etc) every day that there is postal service. And they also promise to write back to everyone who writes to them.

I didn’t commit to this project myself but so far I have been the lucky recipient of 2 letters, one from Kathy and one from Margene. I cannot tell you how happy it made me to receive these little notes in the mail. Such a simple thing, really, but it made me feel loved and cherished to know that my friends took the time to sit down, select a note card and pen, and write to me. It doesn’t provide instant communication the way an email or facebook message does but I think that’s part of the charm.

And of course I have written back to both of them.

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  1. Your note arrived Saturday, I think (the weekend is a blur!). For all the letters I’ve sent this month I have received few in return. Thank you for writing back!!

  2. I love real mail. Email is efficient and appropriate for many forms of communication, but nothing beats a real letter sent full of a chum’s thoughts and news. I’m glad your friends chose you as a recipient!

  3. You and your commenters are so right about real mail. I remember writing to one of my husband’s aunts, then sometime later having a wonderful phone conversation. However, about a year later, she wrote and went on and on about the letter…no mention of the phone call. That really made me think, so I developed a lesson plan around Abe Lincoln’s gracious letter to Mrs. Bixby and had students write their own letters. When we remodeled I opened a box containing many old letters…treasures that would have been lost had they been electronic. Hugs and letters, Jo

  4. I think I first read about this on Margene’s blog and I have had such fun being a part of it. I enjoy the writing, but the kicker (so far) was a long return letter from my son. What a treat!

  5. I used to be a penpal to a few international penpals and I really miss it. There is nothing more fun than getting and sending non-bill related mail.

  6. What a lovely gift to receive! I think letter writing has become such a lost art – when you think of some of the letters and relationships conducted through letters (and I guess we experience through the power of the internet) it lovely to think that the craft is still being practiced. There is such a consciousness of intent. I am really glad for you Carole!

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