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Encouragement from a Friend

I think I first became aware of blogs around the year 2002. Certainly political blogs were starting to play a big role in the way we receive information around that time. It wasn’t long after that when I became aware of knit blogs. I started reading a few popular knitting blogs and I found the concept really intriguing. I did a bit of research into the whole process and, as you know, I took the plunge myself in January 0f 2005.

During my research I read that many people who write blogs receive unsolicited gifts from their readers. I thought that was pretty cool and I wondered if it would ever happen to me. Sure enough, as my blog gained a little fame and my readership expanded, I did occasionally win a contest or two – and I still do on  a rather frequent basis. In those early days there were a lot of swaps and I participated in those and had a lot of fun with that, too. Eventually, as I became friends with some of my blog readers we started to occasionally surprise each other with gifts and packages.

The outright gift, though? The surprise package from a blog friend you’ve never even met? That is still a rare and wonderful thing and that’s why I was so excited to receive a package from my dear friend Kym last week.

She has been encouraging me on my exercise path and she sent me a gift of an awesome t-shirt and a very supportive and thoughtful note.  The shirt is soft and bears a sentiment that I am learning to embrace but, truth be told, that note means more to me than any gift. It speaks to my heart and shows a depth of understanding on Kym’s part that would be eerie if it weren’t so awesome.

This blogosphere we have created is a very good thing and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing what wonderful words of encouragement can do to advance your resolve? Love the tee! Best wishes on your efforts!

  2. As I sit here with one leg elevated recovering from foot surgery I appreciate being at the fitness level that I am even though I’m not at my ideal weight. So I totally agree with Kym. There is nothing like trying to get around with one leg and a knee scooter to drive home that having a strong core, strong legs and some arm strength is very helpful in getting around the house sans one working foot. Thank you cardiosculpt class.

  3. Somtimes the small things…a note per say….is one of the best gifts that you can receive 🙂 Cherish it and re read it when you need that feeling again 🙂 Congratulations on finding that friend.

  4. Such a nice gift. Sometimes LOTS of encouragement is needed when it comes to sticking to an exercise program. It usually takes me about 3 weeks before I begin to realize that there’s enough of a difference in the way I feel that the new, “more fit” sensation becomes an incentive in itself. It’s making it through those first 3 to 4 weeks that can be tough.

    You have lovely incentives!

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