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A Major Award

Do you remember that Cookie pledged to knit with handspun for all of 2011? And did you happen to follow the pools and see who thought she’d keep to her pledge? Yes, that would be me. And on Saturday my prize package arrived. It’s been a long time since I won anything on a blog but let me tell you, this was worth the wait!

It was packaged beautifully and done up in pink and purple. No surprise there, right? I opened it up to find so many pretty and practical goodies!

There was the beautiful calendar of all island photos. And island sounds awfully good right about now.

And there was the pretty little notebook with a poppy on the cover. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers, you know.

There was a package of cupcake wrappers with a crafty theme and there was the sweet smelling candle. It was about then that I picked up on the Caribbean them of the package. Cookie has been paying attention and she knows my love of all things beach-y!

There was candy. Malibu flavored candy. Hello, lover.

And there was the awesome bag with a dolphin on one side and a pelican on the other. It will be great for grocery shopping but even better for the beach. I just have to make sure my stepdaughter, Jessica, doesn’t steal it. She has a thing for pelicans, you know.

The best part of the whole package, though, were these 2 gorgeous skeins of Cookie’s handspun. Yes, that’s right, she sent me her handspun. Over 1500 yards of laceweight handspun. Ahem. Only a real friend sends you their very own handspun yarn. I’m already looking at patterns and making plans to knit it up.

Thanks for the inspiration and all the awesome goodies, Cookie!  Looks like I’m going to make good on that goal to knit with handspun after all!

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  1. oh my WOW! congratulations! everything looks wonderful, but that handspun is really special. I know you’ll turn it into something even prettier!!

  2. Wow is right! What a wonderful haul you made. Good for you and let’s hear it for Cookie! We’ll be watching for the project from the laceweight hand spun!

  3. You lucky girl! That handspun is something else. I’m looking forward to seeing how you use it. Maybe you’ll tell us in your annual goal list? Happy Wednesday, Carole! How can it not be with a haul like that, eh?

  4. Oh, That Cookie! What a fun – and totally appropriate! – prize package. Can’t wait to see what you knit with that gorgeous handspun. . .

  5. What a lovely gift! The handspun yarn is beautiful and I
    know you will have a special time knitting with Cookie’s yarn!!

  6. Congratulations! That Cookie…she sure knows how to put together a gift! Pictures, please, when you are done knitting with that special yarn…

  7. Oh, fun. Malibu chocolate?? I know someone who’d like that. It’ll be fun for you to find and knit the perfect project(s) for that yarn. Congratulations, my dear!

  8. WHOA!!!!!! That’s an awesome prize! Gorgeous handspun. I’m not sure I could use it, I’d probably want to have it framed in a shadow box and display it.

  9. You are most welcome! I’m just thrilled the box arrived at all.

    The bag came from our CarrieK and that poppy book is the one I was going to send you last year but lost sight of. Better late than never, right?

    Any thoughts about what you’ll do with the handspun? 😀

  10. It’s snowing–again! That makes all the fun beachy stuff seem doubly enticing. Ah well, back to making soup.

  11. I am sure you are going to make something beautiful with that lovely yarn. Cookie sure knows you!

  12. Yesss…. Keep that bag well hidden when I am around. Probly the chocolates too. Two of my favorite things. Malibu and pelicans.

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