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A Stack of Books

Sometimes my inspiration for Project 365(6) is lacking and I wander through the house with my camera in my hand looking for something different to photograph. I was doing that last weekend and I took this picture of a stack of books on my dining room table.

It’s not a particularly special photo and it’s really not blog worthy.


Except that I couldn’t help but noticing something all those books have in common. They are totally representative of my hobbies. They are all non-fiction, which is rather unusual for a pile of books in this house. The subjects:  photography, knitting, cooking, positive thinking, all covered in that little pile. While I wish I could say I have read all of these, I have not. I have, however, flipped through them all and begun to absorb them. The little tips, the encouraging words, the pictures and techniques and valuable information in these books will eventually become part of me, part of my thinking, part of the way I work to improve and enjoy my hobbies.

A pile of books is such a simple thing, really. But taking that pile of books and reading them can make a world of difference in the way you live your life.

P.S. Only 48 comments left until we reach 50,000 comments!

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  1. On our family trip to Portland, OR, I hit the famed Powell’s Books and came home with several stacks of books for my classroom. A distinctive shift in my sixth graders happened with the infusion of new authors and titles. Yep. A pile (or four) of books can make a difference! Read on, my friend!

  2. I’ve been itching to stop in at my library to see what’s new! I even started in that direction yesterday, but it was too nice — and apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so because the parking lot was empty! It’s raining the next few days…

  3. I don’t think there will ever be anything in the world (at least for me) better than sitting with a book. Just flipping through or taking in a good story, it’s always a good place to be. The kindle is nice but I hope the pile of books always exists next to my chair!

  4. I have a similar pile of books to go through and absorb. I listen to books and also physically read a book or two each month. Books about hobbies are great to have in paper form as it’s easy to thumb through and find inspiration.

  5. I believe the phrase is….”Reading, it’s FUNdamental!” I’d say your stack of books proves it once again.

  6. And all from the public library. Good for you! We’re slowly sinking here under the weight of TMB (Too Many Books. Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as too many books.)

  7. I’m intrigued by Stashbuster Knits … not that I have much of a stash, but I haven’t checked out a knitting book in a while and I’m feeling the need.

  8. Just the post to remind us why real books are so much better than their electronic versions – what can I say, I am an old fashioned woman,,,

  9. I have moments like this where I look at a pile (normally of stuff, not books) and realize that wow! that really is my life isn’t it?

  10. The Kindle is nice but there is nothing like putting your hands on a good reference book

  11. I’ve got a Kindle but just recently bought a couple books just to have the feel and color of a “real” book. Unfortunately books don’t smell like they used to when I was a kid! I loved that part too…
    That’s a beautiful quilted tablecloth!

  12. I like how the book colors match your quilted table cloth! It must be fun to work in a library with all those books around you.

  13. As a librarian, I love the fact that all of these books are from the library! I’m sure it was not intentional, but a good way to remind us all of how much our local libraries can offer us… whether in print (my admitted favorite), audio, or as ebooks. And the countdown is on for 50,000 comments… woo-hoo!

  14. The “new” sticker on that cookie book is the same one we use in our library! It makes me feel at home in this post. 😉

    We’ve always got stacks on nonfiction books at our house — it’s what I read for pleasure most frequently, and I’ve always got at least a couple craft books, or knitting books, or travel books out. The best part, though, is that I buy the books at my library so I get to SELECT them all! (And that one on the top of your pile is definitely one I will have to get.)

  15. My first impression of the photo was that it was a sort of incidental color study!
    Seriously, I’m curious about “The Happiness Project” … would you be willing to write a mini-review or at least share your reactions to the book?

  16. I’ve been wanting to read “The Happiness Project”. I currently have
    Brave New Knits” by Julie Turjoman on loan from the library. It’s filled with patterns and stories from popular designer/bloggers. I borrowed “Milk and Cookies” (recipes from a bakery in NY) from the library last month. I’m allways on the prowl for a new knitting book. Unfortunately both my libraries don’t carry many knitting books. With cut backs I’m amazed I was able to borrow the one I have.

  17. You’re on to something. You mean one actually must read the books to have them act in your life? the contents don’t jump from the pile into the brain? It’s a step I sometimes forget. Idea for 10 on Tuesday–10 books I have intended/wanted to read forever!

  18. I enjoyed the Happines project Carole. I have reread parts of it. I also go to her blog Gretchen has answered me personally with a question or two. Great person

  19. Your stack of books reminds me that I have been remiss lately in NOT making regular trips to my local library to “test” books. I used to always do that with craft books and cookbooks and then buy the ones I knew I would really use. Somehow, I’ve forgotten that habit. It is time to pick it up again.

    Great selection – reflecting some I would pick out myself.

  20. I have a Nook, which I really love while traveling, but nothing beats a real book for me. l

    All your books look great, but I have read, reread, and enjoyed The Happiness Project. Gretchen has some great advice that has really stuck with me and improved my already happy life!

  21. Very interesting selection, though I’m afraid the cookie one would be a dangerous idea around here, with just 2 of us to eat them most of the time. Melissa Leapman is always good, and I see a couple I need to investigate. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Interesting books, I need to get back to the library. I tend to not go as much in the winter though with this winter I could have gone constantly. I will have to check them out.

  23. A comment to contribute to the count!

    What I liked too about your photo is that they were all library books (really not shocking since you are a librarian).
    I love going in to the library and walking out with a stack of books on a variety of different subjects. Things I was looking or things that just looked interesting to me. I take them home, browse through them and take them back. Always an adventure – I never know what I’ll find that will interest me on any given day.

  24. The other thing those books all had in common – which is often not the case in many households – is they were all from the library (as opposed to purchased)…I confess to using the library primarily for e-books, but it was nice to see your stack of library books…yay for libraries (I’m sure you will agree 🙂

  25. I love looking at other folks’ book collections – either what’s on the bookshelves or the piles that are round about. My husband is the same way. And in fact, I’d passed the first “might we be compatible?” test when he reviewed my bookshelves the day my friend brought him over to be introduced.

  26. One of the great pleasures of working in a library is seeing these great books and being able to check them out a little at a time without alot of fuss or expense. Reading The happiness project helped me to realize how very lucky and happy I already was! Enjoy it and Congrats on the 50,000 comments. I love your blog.

  27. I have never heard of the Happiness Project. I will have to check it out. Inspirational books are one of my “things”.

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