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A weekend that includes a holiday and a lot of socializing doesn’t necessarily leave a lot of time for knitting
Nevertheless, gatherings of friends and family are worth the sacrifice of some knitting time
Especially when one of those gatherings is with a family member who lives in the next town over but that I haven’t seen in over 30 years
Catching up over dinner with our spouses was amazing
I learned stuff about our family history (my great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian) and shared great stories and ultimately can’t wait to see them again
In between all that socializing there was cooking, baking, and prepping for our annual Easter gathering
And recognizing that Easter Sunday marked the 29th anniversary of my brother’s death
Gathering our family under one roof for a holiday is an opportunity not to be squandered
Life is fragile and fleeting, connections are important

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  1. Beautiful table Carole! I totally agree. A day with family is ever so precious. I’m blessed to have my mom still with us at 94 yrs old. Particularly on this Easter it was hard to choose a weekend in Boston with my very pregnant daughter & family or Easter with my mom, siblings and nephews. The later one out and we had a funny chat with a granddaughter on a chocolate high!

  2. We may be distantly related. I also have a great-grandmother who was full Cherokee though Grandpa’s records were all destroyed in fire so we can’t actually prove it. It sounds like a lovely weekend if a little bittersweet.

  3. So glad you had a wonderful, meaningful weekend. You’re so right . . . it’s all about the connections! Hugs to you.

  4. beautiful photo & beautiful sentiments. so happy that you enjoyed your weekend & your family.

  5. So glad you spent time with loved ones. It’s so important. Yesterday was my grandfather’s 99th birthday. He still lives in NY in assisted living so we could not spend the day with him. We will catch up with him this coming weekend.

    Your table looked so pretty!

  6. Time with family and friends is the best. We had a wonderful day yesterday as well….and I am so happy that you did too!

  7. Beautifully said, Carole! My grandmother was part Cherokee (very small part) but she never found records so we have nothing to show our kids or grandchildren. 🙁

  8. A special holiday with our kids happened here, too – Passover AND Easter. A food-filled good time was had.
    A Cherokee great-grandmother! Does that make you eligible for casino profits, I ask (crassly)?

  9. Your weekend sounds magical and profound. Life is so incredible in its very essence. I love the family history aspect – very cool.

  10. Your final words resonated with me. We live no where near family, so we must strive to create the specialness of holidays when it all to often is tempting to treat them as another day. I’m so glad your weekend was full of good people and lots of love.

  11. One of my favorite parts about family gatherings is getting to hear stories about earlier generations.

    It sounds like the day was bittersweet, but beautiful. xxx

  12. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a holiday. Grab those moments while you can. So glad it was a good one for you.

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