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Ten On Tuesday

It’s Passover this week and I know that presents dietary challenges for my Jewish friends. The other day my friend Kathy commented that her first full day of Passover was made possible by the Incredible Edible Egg. And that’s why this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Favorite Ways to Prepare Eggs.

  1. Hard boiled. A hard boiled egg is the perfect portable snack.
  2. Scrambled. With ketchup, please.
  3. Poached. I don’t have much luck poaching eggs at home so I order this way almost every time I go out to breakfast.
  4. Omelettes. I like mine with fresh broccoli and American cheese.
  5. Fried. Sometimes I like mine over easy and sometimes I like mine over medium but I never like mine sunny side up. Blech.
  6. Egg salad. A little salt, a lot of pepper, some celery and a small dab of mayo. I like it best on toasted whole wheat bread.
  7. Deviled. These are always popular at our house, I even made some on Easter because Hannah asked for them.
  8. Scotch Eggs. I have never actually made these but I’d like to try them some day.
  9. Pickled. The first time Dale offered me a pickled egg I wrinkled my nose and wouldn’t try it. And then I took the plunge and discovered a wonderful treat. I make them myself and they are so good!
  10. Quiche. I love it best with mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
I barely scratched the surface of all the ways to cook eggs – can’t wait to see what you all thought of, too!

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  1. Egg salad is my favorite! I stopped coloring eggs a few years back so I no longer have the “leftovers” for lunch, but it’s easy enough to cook one up!

  2. Love hard boiled eggs in a salad. I miss buying fresh eggs at the farmer’s market. There is definitely a difference.

  3. Mmmm. Scotch Eggs are so good! (I almost included it on my list, and then didn’t.) Now I want to try a picked egg! πŸ™‚

  4. Like Judy above, I love a fresh hard boiled egg in my salad. Still warm, with walnuts, apple, and a touch of feta. Yum!

  5. If Passover is behind today’s choice I must add what we call matzoh bread it is made of matzohs that were dampened with water and broken into small pieces, eggs that were beaten well before you add them to the matzohs, some milk for good consistency, salt and pepper. You fry it like an egg and then you can use it like bread or whatever meet your fancy. I like mine with cheese that you put on it when it is still hot so it melts nicely… hmmmm…. and it makes me think of my father who used to make the best matzoh bread I ever ate!

    It is my second most favorite Passover dish right behind those matzoh balls!

  6. What Rachel writes of, my husband calls matzoh brie – scrambled egg with soaked matzoh bits. My grandmother used to whip up eggs and milk and cook them very slowly in a double boiler. They came out very smooth with a froth on top, like a custard only not sweet, and very very good. What’s a Scotch egg?

  7. I’m amused to find someone else who likes ketchup on scrambled eggs. When we were dating my prospective father-in-law was horrified that anyone would put a ketchup bottle on the breakfast table. I think of him every time I have scrambled eggs — he was a wonderful man.

  8. Eggs – do not touch them unless they are in something I am baking. I think my mom overdid the egg thing when we were growing up. My brother and I can’t even stand the smell of them. Isn’t that awful? The closest we come to eggs is french toast. Oh – and that matzoh brie they were talking about. Had lots of that growing up on Long Island!

  9. I’m so with you on scrambled with ketchup! However, I have this really childish hangup and can’t stand runny yolks. Try ordering eggs benedict with hard cooked yolks!

  10. This might help re: poached eggs:

    Helen lives in Natick and offers cooking classes in her home. I have taken several of them and learned a lot.

    Have you ever had a Chinese tea egg/Chinese braised egg? They are delicious.

  11. I think I strayed a bit more far afield than others πŸ™‚ For basic eggs, I *love* over easy (sunny side up will do in a pinch) but the yolks *have* to be runny! I especially like them topped with a bit of sea salt and very coarsely ground black pepper. It is even better if the pan was buttered and the edges of the whites are tinged brown and crispy πŸ˜€ Of course it is rare to strike all of those things in one egg though.

    I haven’t tried pickled eggs yet. I really should as I like pickled things and l like hard boiled eggs so there is no reason I shouldn’t like them.

  12. I love eggs..but have never tried Scotch or Pickled. I will have to put them on my list of things to try.

  13. I would love to see your pickled egg recipe, I was just talking about them the other day and wondering what they were like. I’d like to try for myself.

    Egg trivia: The classic chef’s hat has 100 pleats around it to represent the many ways to cook an egg.

  14. whoa! there’s a lot of egg-love out there! me, I love them very well done. hard boiled or baked in the oven…but I’ve lately been wanting to try poached. the complete opposite of “well done”, but I feel like I’m completely missing out on all those great-looking benedict recipes!

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