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Eye Candy Friday

Easter Flowers from my sweet sister-in-law, Mary. Right now they are brightening my windowsill but soon they will be planted outside.

Next week is school vacation week so I’ll be taking a blog break to hang out with Dale. See you on the 23rd!

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  1. What cheerful flowers! Just the right thing to take you into a vacation week. Play hard!

  2. That is an exceptionally lovely photo.
    Have a fun vacation – hope the weather is with you!

  3. I love pansies, and once I was telling my husband this and he said that he already knew because I loved him.

    Silly guy. He looks nothing like a pansy!

  4. I’m still weed pulling, after our April showers that turned into weed food……..I can’t wait to shop for some pretties to plant in my small garden. It’ll get there. Pansies are my fav…and yours are inspiring!

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