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Ten On Tuesday

You all know that reentry can be a bitch, although I have to admit that mine has been relatively smooth this time – at least so far. In any case, there can be some bumps along the road when a vacation ends and that’s why this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Good Things About Coming Home from a Vacation.

  1. Reuniting with the pets. I miss Mason a lot when we go away and I worry about how lonesome I know he gets. It’s nice to have him to cuddle with again.
  2. My own bathroom. It may not be as fancy as some that we saw and I don’t have a whirlpool tub but I do have my own hair dryer and my own shampoo and soap and I much prefer that to any other.
  3. It’s cheaper to be home. Traveling is expensive!
  4. My own kitchen. There are snacks when I want them, drinks when I want them, and all the other comforts of my own kitchen.
  5. Seeing how much the garden grew while I was away. This isn’t true at all times of year but it really struck me this morning how much my flowers grew last week. And the lilacs are about to bloom, too!
  6. Telling stories about your trip. Sharing all the things you did and places you went with your family and friends is a great way to relive your vacation once you’re home.
  7. Leaving the camera at home. I tell you, after having lugged that camera all over Virginia, it was so nice to not lug it around with me on Monday.
  8. Less driving. I love my new car and really enjoyed taking her on this long road trip but by Saturday I was so done with being in the car. It’s nice to only have to drive to work and back now.
  9. Catching up on favorite TV shows. We’ve got Glee and The View, Army Wives and Modern Family, all ready to be watched and that makes me happy.
  10. Being with the one you love. The best thing about going on vacation with Dale is that the vacation never really ends. He makes every day feel special, whether we are home or away, and that makes coming home a very good thing indeed.

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  1. awww… what a sweet list! especially #1 and #10! I am right there with you about the comforts of home – love my bathroom, my kitchen, my closet! – no matter how great the vacation is, home is always better (I think we’re blessed that way!)

  2. Great list, especially comforts of home, and the driving. And after 15 years of driving back and forth to MA two or three times a year, it is really getting old and tiring. I love #10!!

  3. I like returning to a greater choice of clothes and jewelry, my own cooking, and just the sense of being in my own space.

  4. I know exactly what you mean, having been on a couple of vacations that lasted just a few days too long! There is truly no place like home 🙂

  5. My own bed! My bed isn’t so great, but it’s mine!
    Your list is why it’s easier to stay home. Your list is a great way to count blessings. Glad you’re home!

  6. I always miss my fur babies, too. Cats just aren’t big on travel…it has to be a hurricane evacuation to get them out of the house. So glad you didn’t miss the lilacs in bloom!

  7. Terrific list! We just got back from a road trip that was more road than trip. I am so glad to be able to MOVE! Sitting all day, even with knitting, is just too much. Everything about coming home is terrific minus the laundry! Welcome back!

  8. Welcome Home! I agree with Margene! My bed is much firmer than the typical hotel bed and it’s so great to crawl into it. I’ll add pillows to the list too.

  9. The dog’s reaction to our return is the best! We used to take them along, but travel is stressful for them and limits our options as well. They love their dog walker/caretaker, so while they’re glad to see us, they’re not totally insane. Enjoy the lilacs!

  10. Great topic

    Coming home to pets is awesome
    Seeing how the garden grew is always tops when I get home
    but I think I could eat OUT forever…….

  11. How many Tuesdays do I stop over here and do all of the things except COMMENT?! (Hopefully, not too many.) Great topic… makes me want to go somewhere again!!

  12. I cannot remember the last vacation I had that wasn’t either a staycation or a 4-day weekend. I’m sure it has happened, but my memory is like a sieve.

    My favorite thing about coming home involves doing some prep work. Before I go on vacation I like to make the place extra clean, dishes done, counters wiped, all the laundry done, so that I can just sit and relax because traveling is hard.

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