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Ten On Tuesday

Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic comes from Kym and it’s a fun one: 10 Items Pinned to your Bulletin Board. I don’t think it’s a subject that needs any further introduction but I should tell you two things. One, I have an bulletin board in my office but I don’t have one at home so this will be almost all work stuff. Two, my office bulletin board has exactly 10 things on it. Pretty convenient, eh? Here we go, starting at the top left and moving clockwise around the board:

  1. A memo from 2006 listing the town custodian’s contact information. I don’t think it’s particularly accurate anymore but at least some of it is.
  2. A bumper sticker that says My Other Vehicle is a Spinning Wheel. I think I got this at NH Sheep & Wool many years ago. I like to just put it right out there that I’m a spinner.
  3. A bumper sticker that says Don’t come knockin’ if your socks ain’t rockin’ from the very first Rockin’ Sock Club that Blue Moon Fiber Art had. Β Just like with #2, I like to put it right out there that I’m a knitter. I have got some curious questions about this one, though.
  4. The Carver Public Schools calendar for the 2011-2012 school year. It’s how I keep track of Dale, frankly.
  5. The weekly staff schedule for the library. It’s how I keep track of everyone else.
  6. Blank time sheets for the library staff. I think there must be more of these somewhere else in the library because no one ever takes mine and makes copies.
  7. A memo regarding Open Enrollment for town employees. My weekly contribution is increasing 8% for the next fiscal year. It not cheap but it’s better than not having insurance at all, that’s for sure.
  8. A telephone list for the library staff and other town employees. I’ve got just about everybody in my phone these days but I do still refer to this now and again since it contains the information I need to use when someone accidentally sets off the alarm at the library and I have to call the alarm company.
  9. Monthly time sheets for our volunteers. We’ve got some great ones and I use these sheets to track how many hours they work.
  10. A National Parks 25th anniversary passport sticker. It’s the most recent thing I there since I just got it when we were on vacation in Virginia. It adds a bit of color and I just didn’t know what else to do with it.
And there you have it. Rather boring but I guess I’m just not a big user of bulletin boards. I’m looking forward to seeing what other people have on theirs, maybe it will inspire me to spruce mine up!

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  1. That’s a neat, organized, and useful bulletin board . . . with a bit of personality! Just how they ought be! πŸ™‚

  2. My bulletin boards were such a mess I took them down. If mine were as pretty as Kym’s they might still be used.

  3. love the mix of practical, business and personal. (and as much as I love to tape, sometimes I miss the ease of pushpins!)

  4. Since I teach, bulletin boards surround me. I use to change them monthly. Now that I have older students I put artwork, curriculum related posters, and quotes that stay up of months at a time. Their favorite is an old poster illustrating the Bill of Rights. Their least favorite is a poster defining plagiarism.

  5. I don’t have a bulletin board that I use regularly. I’m anxious to see what everyone has on theirs to see if I’m missing the boat! Love the bumper stickers πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t have a bulletin board at home or work. I have a bunch of stuff hanging on my office wall though – family pictures, Active list of Boat Jobs, calendar, a note my daughter wrote saying “I love you mom – have a good day”, and a few boat pictures. Kinda boring…

  7. Your board is WAY too tidy – in my opinion! We now have individual bulletin boards that came about by accident. I bought plexiglass placemats, and now everybody sticks every old thing under them until the placemats are on top of a tippy pile that your plate slides right off of.

  8. There is a board at work, but I’m not responsible for what is hanging on it since I’m temping for 3 months. The board at home I bought for pinning swatches out on and DH on a whim hung up in the guest room, but it has only our pinhole photos on it since its purpose was not really as a bulletin board so I won’t be playing along this week πŸ™ But I look forward to seeing what everyone has on theirs!

  9. Fun to read what’s up on your board. I don’t have one

    seriously. I don’t. Since we renovated the kitchen I keep it very streamlined. wonder how long THAT will last

  10. I couldn’t post anything from my work bulletin board, so I used Pinterest. Even if my work bulletin board was covered with fun things, I am pretty sure that my Pinterest one would be way more interesting!

  11. I had to use my memory for this one… I just got rid of my bulletin board! I had plenty of random stuff on it before that, though, and managed to remember 10 things!

  12. I should really actually try to keep up with blogs during the week. I like this topic; I’ll have to do it NEXT Tuesday. πŸ˜‰

    Our contribution is going up 24% this year. Yikes. Still, though, it’s an awesome insurance plan, so I try not to complain too much. I’ve been on the other side (being un, or under, insured) and that’s DEFINITELY no fun. The peace of mind alone is worth the extra $40 a month or whatever it works out to.

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