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Dragonfly Socks

Remember these socks? And that deadline of April 13th for finishing them?

Yeah, that came and went. But I knit and knit and knit in the car on our way to Richmond. And then I knit and knit and knit some more and finally finished them sitting on a bench by the Petersburg Battlefield. On Sunday knit I gifted them to my stepdaughter, Jessica, as a small thank you for watching the dog while we were away.

The pattern is Dragonfly Socks and the yarn is Gypsy Knits in the color Trapeze.

There is a lot of pooling that I’m not too crazy about but most of it gets broken up by the patterning and that’s a good thing.

I do like the way the stripes in the heels look.

And I did enjoy knitting them although I had a hard time keeping the pattern straight in my head. In any case they are done and that makes the 4th pair of socks for 2012. And that means I am right on target for my sock knitting goal for this year.


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  1. What a great thank you gift! (I love the denim-y blue mixed in with those other bright, spring-y colors.)

  2. Nothing like car knitting to bring those goals in sight! Pooling…. running into the same problem on a sweater I’m knitting.

  3. I love those socks! They fit like they were made just for me! And they match my “Golden Nugget” hoodie quite well! Thank you!!

  4. The socks are very nice – love the colors even with the pooling and there is nothing better than handmade gifting!

  5. Very nice! Socks are always an appreciated gift. I know I’m an odd duck, but I always find pooling intriguing. Happy day!

  6. You are a sock hero! Sadly, I can’t knit in the car because I am the driver.

  7. Love the colors and even the pooling (it never especially bothers me because it’s always a surprise). I have a terrible case of car knitting envy–I get motion sickness so usually I drive and hubby and I work on crossword puzzles. You have a lucky stepdaughter!

  8. Congratulations on being on target. I’m woefully behind on my sock knitting, but I recently found where I stashed the socks I started in January so there is hope I’ll get back on target soon!

  9. Wow! Four pairs and on schedule. Good for you, kiddo! I’m having to rest my shoulder and a case of tendonitis and I surely miss knitting! (I am getting my completed quilt squares sewn together, though. It may be an actual usable quilt one of these days!

  10. I love pooling in socks, too. that’s a very pretty pattern – reminds me of the horseshoe lace in the traveling socks I spent knitting this afternoon. hope to have a PAIR someday soon!

  11. Cute colors. The pattern is somewhat Monkey-esque in reverse. I’m with Kathy.

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