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No Purl Monkey Socks

It would appear that this is the year of patterned socks here at Carole Knits. I say that because I just finished my 5th pair of socks for 2012 and they are not a pair of picot edge socks. In fact, I have only knit 1 pair of picot socks so far this year. I’m not sure why but I’m going with it and enjoying the process.

Anyway, these are No Purl Monkeys and I made the mistake of leaving them on the dining room table. I didn’t really think it was a mistake, they were just sitting there waiting to be photographed. And then Hannah moved home and saw them and asked if she could have them. What could I say, right?

The yarn, because I know you will ask, is Yarn Pirate Superwash BFL in the color Cicada. It pooled and striped in a way I did not anticipate but I like it just the same. I also really like the socks and had definitely planned on keeping them for myself. As it turns out, though,  I don’t think they would have fit me since Hannah had to struggle a bit to get them on. She says it was meant to be.

I say she’s been home less than a week and she’s already stealing my socks. Sheesh.

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  1. Awww – Isn’t it nice she loves your knitting? Socks are
    lovely and I love the pattern!

  2. I guess you’ll just have to make more for yourself. I wish my daughter liked hand knit socks; she used to wear those awful white socklets that could never get clean; now she only wears black tights.

    My husband, on the other hand, only wants to wear hand knit socks and has demanded cotton ones for the summer. I’m finishing up some Elm Socks in the next few days and then its on to two more pairs, patterns TBA. Consequently there’s no time to knit my Dandelion Shawl. Sigh.

  3. Lovely socks. Lovely Mom. Sneaky kid. Has she grabbed your deodorant yet?

    Did you enjoy the pattern? My MIL loves monkeys, and I just picked up some new year for her.

  4. That’s a trend you need to nip in the bud! Perhaps it’s time for Hannah to learn to knit her own socks?

    (The socks are gorgeous, and if they fit her better than they fit you, the transfer in ownership was clearly meant to be.)

  5. Those are gorgeous, I can see why she snitched them … and if they fit well, it’s hard to argue with knitting kismet. Definitely time to teach her to knit her own socks, especially now that you two will have so much quality time to work with 😉

  6. Wow – gorgeous socks! Great color and the monkey pattern is one of my favorites. I haven’t tried the No Purl version yet, although I do hear that they are a bit tighter than the purl version.

    Hannah made herself right back at home, huh?

  7. Ah, the dangers of children. I made some no-purl monkeys (the only ones I’ve ever made), and they are a bit snug. But I like them anyway.

  8. Beautiful job. I’ve made a couple of Monkeys – got to try the no-purl version. She wears them well Carole!

  9. Beautiful spring colors. I’d like to try the no purl monkeys. It’s wonderful that Hannah appreciates your work so much. Now that she’s home you’ll have more help in your garden and of course more time to make her favorite cookies I’m sure.

  10. You raised her, so clearly she can’t help but have great taste. The socks are way cool! Does Hannah have any interest in learning to knit?

  11. I don’t think I’d have liked that flashing and pooling in a sock without any texture or pattern, but it works out okay here. Love the colors!

    It’s hard to say No — especially when you know they’ll be worn and appreciated.

  12. Uh-oh. Maybe it’s time Hannah learns to knit her own socks! (Although I know from personal experience that I would never deny my own daughter a hand-knit that she likes and would wear! And she’ll NEVER learn to knit.)

  13. at least you know they’ll be well-loved! too bad you both wear the same size…but not wishing bigger feet to anyone!

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