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Decisions, Decisions

I was out on the deck late last Friday afternoon, knitting away on my new shawl, when I looked up just in time to see a broad shouldered hawk fly low across my front yard and land in the pine tree. The robins must have had a nest nearby because they immediately began sending out quite the alarm call. I called to Dale to come and see and to bring my telephoto lens. I was lucky enough to get off a few shots before the hawk finally gave up and flew away.

I was lucky enough, in fact, to wind up with 2 that I actually like. While it’s nice to have choices, I actually prefer to have one obvious shot-of-the-day so that I can process it, upload it to flickr, and be done. I do not, I suppose, appreciate the hard decisions that I sometimes have to make.

And so, I am going to leave it up to you all to decide. Tell me in the comments, please, do you like:

Broad Shouldered Hawk in Pine Tree?


Broad Shouldered Hawk in Maple Tree?

I await your decision.

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  1. The hawk looks great in both, but I love the texture and range of color in the pine. So, pine. Definitely pine.

  2. Definitely pine for me as well. Love the contrasts of light and dark on the needles plus he looks regal in that photo!

  3. Amazing shots, Carole. I,too, like the pine tree. The hawk stands out nicely against the pine green background.

  4. Wow, what a close up!

    The one in the maple tree shows more of the hawk’s feet and how they’re connected to the branch, while the one in the pine tree gives the appearance of the hawk being pasted into the shot. Therefore the maple tree picture is better.

    Glad the robins are ok.

  5. We’d vote for the pine (my kids wandered in while I was looking at your page). We like the maple too, but think the pine looks more ‘HAWK’.

  6. This is a difficult choice. While the one in the pine tree shows the hawks beautiful coloration, I agree with Lois in that the hawk looks more like a predictor in the maple tree. My vote is for the maple tree

  7. I like the color in the maple but the composition in the pine. Geesh, I’m no help. How wonderful to have the opportunity to get either of them. So, both. 🙂

  8. Both are amazing, but I like the pine tree shot. I’m not enough of a photographer to say why, just that I do. ;^)

  9. I like the pine tree shot the best. Something about the background of the pine tree, the hawk stands out really nicely. 🙂

  10. While the shot of him in the maple tree gives more visual interest (his talons holding the branch, etc.), I like that he really pops in the photo in the pine tree. The colors are so sharp and rich, he definitely looks better in that. I go with pine!

  11. The pine tree. Without a doubt. I love the contrast of the green with the brown of the hawk. He just stands out so regally. What a great shot.

  12. The first one – the hawk is more outlined by the dark background, and its bright eye shows.

  13. The the green of the pine tree just makes him pop out more. Now if the talons showed up in the pine tree photo there wouldn’t be a question of choice. They swoop over my land and snatch field mice and chipmonks. While that would be a great shot for National Geographic it’s probably not fodder for the blog.

  14. Tough call. I love the pine tree branches, and the face of the hawk in that shot – but I admit that something bugs me a bit about not seeing his feet. It makes me think that someone set a hawk doll on top of a branch. But in the maple tree photo, his eye is in shadow, and you don’t get quite the interaction with the photo the way you do with the first one.

    I think overall I”d have to go with the pine tree. My reaction from the maple tree photo is “nice shot of a bird”, but it might as well be a pigeon. My reaction from the pine tree is “oooh – a hawk!”. Your eyes are really drawn towards HIS eye, and how he’s staring back at you.

  15. Sounds like most commenters prefer the pine…it’s so nice of them to agree with me lol. I like the great definition of the feathers and colors in the pine. I love the turned head in the maple, but still choose the pine.

  16. The pine tree for the shadow, contrast, highlight of young green beneath the hawk, and the knowing mischief gleaming in his eye.

  17. Wow! GREAT shots – BOTH of them. Have to vote for the pine tree though because the face is so well defined.

  18. The pine. Very clear, great look at his wings, head and face. Congrats on grabbing two great shots.

  19. Pine tree. I like the contrast between the tough looking hawk and the new, soft pine needles.

  20. I’m like both, but since you asked for just one I’m going with the Maple. I’m not sure why I prefer it, but I do.

    Congrats on such a dilemma.

  21. Wow, those are very nice! I like them both – the light & angle in the maple tree really shows off the hawk’s coloring.

    But my favorite is the pine – I really like the contrast between the needles and the bird feathers.

  22. Great shots both, but the pine tree shot is definitely my favorite! Very quick action on your part for getting such great photos. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Great shots! I don’t think you can go wrong with these two! I’d go for the pine tree, though. Something about the profile. . .

  24. Without question it is the pine tree. In the maple tree shot, the breast feathers too closely match the bark of the branch.

    Give yourself a pat on the back….they are good photos. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Great photos as usual – Definitely shot #2 – those yellow talons say it all. We have peregrine falcons nesting downtown on the Radisson Hotel. Check out CBC Manitoba to see them live on the webcam if you’re interested.

  26. I like the composition of the maple tree shot better than the pine tree. I like that the hawk’s head and eye are more clear in the pine tree shot. So…. I dunno… ah….I pick … maple tree shot.

  27. I am a total hawk geek and love the second shot—maple tree all the way

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