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A Month of Photos: May

It’s hard to believe another month has passed and it’s time for my monthly mosaic of photos. What’s that they say about time flies when you’re having fun? That must be the reason because I definitely have fun taking photos. There are lots of flowers (always) and lots of macro shots since I belong to the Macro May group. And there are shots of daily life, too. Enough with the words, here are the pic:

Click to embiggen, as always. And go here to see the entire set of photos for 2012.


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  1. For obvious reasons I love the shoes. For photographic reasons, i love the pie crust. Cool shot. Happy Monday!

  2. The time does fly, that’s for sure. Great pictures as always. I still love the one of Hannah. It just screams “Mom – I’m Home!!!”.

  3. You are so good about a daily photo. It seems I’m just so scattered I can’t remember to take a snap. It’s always fun to see a full month through your eyes!

  4. Such a fun set of photos! Now I have to catch up on your blog posts to get some of the stories that go with the photos. 🙂

  5. Love it, as usual. Best thing about seeing your May montage is that it means it’s June … and school is out in less than 2 weeks … YAY!

  6. I fell off the Macro May bandwagon this year, as I have most years; I’m guessing it was a fluke that I made it last year. I sure love the result of a sustained effort though. Your skills just continue to improve, making it even better!

  7. We have one of those old bottle openers, though ours is brass and doesn’t say “open here”. Yesterday we moved it from the kitchenette/bar upstairs to our patio outdoors, where we’re much more likely to be opening beer. I was telling Larry that I saw you had a photo of one a few days ago – so I had to comment!

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