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Ten On Tuesday

I’m so excited about this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic: 10 Good Deeds You Did This Week. It was fun to try and think of good deeds to do each day and I’m hoping that this week is just the start of many more good deeds to come. Here’s my list – or at least, here’s the things I remember that I did.

  1. Clipped Dale’s toenails for him. If you’ve ever seen his feet you know that this was a gigantic good deed.
  2. Let someone go in front of me while in line at CVS. She had 2 things and I had 5 and she was most appreciative.
  3. Donated to the local food pantry. Our supplies are so low right now and it’s no big deal for me to grab an extra jar or two of peanut butter and put it on the shelf.
  4. Held the door for everyone. I mean everyone. Everywhere. It was a conscious effort and it felt good.
  5. Talked a friend through a difficult situation. Game some good advice that was well received.
  6. Tipped generously. I do this regularly and it feels good.
  7. Spoke to the farmer at our CSA and told him how much we have been enjoining our weekly shares this season.
  8. Thanked an employee who has been going above and beyond for weeks now. Told her how great she is doing and how much I appreciate her extra efforts.
  9. Helped Dale load the car when we came home from our weekend away. I know this doesn’t sound like much but usually I just let him do all of this by himself. With my new attitude on life and movement I decided that was laaaazy of me and since I am strong and capable I can carry my own bags and other stuff outside and put it in the car.
  10. Baked brownies for the homeless. Okay, I didn’t actually do this last week but I do it once a month for our Kiwanis club and I’m taking some credit here.
It felt good to be mindful of my actions and good deeds. Can’t wait to read what you all have done, too!

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  1. It’s really quite something . . . how far a smile or a friendly gesture or a supportive comment can really go in making someone’s day a little brighter. What wonderful ways to spread some sunshine!

  2. There will be all kinds of kindnesses you can do for me in September. šŸ™‚
    If everyone of us lived the way you do there would be peace in this world.

  3. Great list!! We need to think of helping others more often and complimenting, in one way or another, those who serve, work or wait on us. It’s just called kindness!! šŸ™‚

  4. I donated platelets yesterday. It’s so easy (just takes a little time) and I get a blood pressure check and the donor center treats you like some sort of rock star because unlike blood platelets can’t be stored long term. It really is a win for everyone.

  5. This is a great topic! I delivered Meals on Wheels with my sister. We spent extra time with a lonely old lady and learnd she had not applied for property tax relief (the program was suspended for several years due to state revenue issues), so we got the forms from the computer, filled them out for her (she has serious vision problems), and delivered them to the county assessor before the deadline. Love the idea of holding doors, smiling at people who look like they need a smile, etc. Kudos to you for recognizing that “little things mean a lot”!

  6. You have such a kind heart! I couldn’t think of anything, so I reinterpreted the topic, but you’ve made me think that I need to be more deliberate about doing good deeds.

  7. loved this prompt! I found myself making an extra effort, especially at home – sounds like you did too. marc is wonderful about helping and doing…but it’s nice he didn’t have to (at least a few times!)

  8. Great Job Carole! It feels good to DO good!!! I always hold doors and if someone happens to hold one for me, I always “Thank Them So Much!” : ) Heck, if only more people wuld have this kind of outlook on life, we would live in a much better world! Sometimes, one nice smile or gesture is the only happiness someone might recieve in a day, which is sad, but is better than none at all. So YAY for your good deeds! And here’s to many more!

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