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July Socks

Remember when I used to show photographs of my finished hand knits while they were still hot off the needles? Yeah, me too. Things sure have changed around here when it comes to my prompt execution of a photo shoot but I do have some finished July Socks to show you today.

Aren’t those colors awesome? The yarn is Spunky Eclectic Tough Sock and the color is called Twenty Ten. As in SPA 2010. You probably don’t remember this, although I think you should because should be burned into your memory, but when I attended SPA in February of 2010 I was recovering from pneumonia. I was so happy to be there and Helen, one of the original and awesome SPA divas, was so happy I was there that she gave me the first SPA gift of the weekend and it just happened to be this particular skein of  yarn.

So, yeah, it’s been marinating in the stash for a bit. I’m so glad I finally knit socks with it, though – just look at those pinks and blues and browns and golds. Yummmmm.

I went with a simple picot edge sock because I didn’t want anything taking away from the pretty pretty color combo. It wasn’t at all because I’m a lazy knitter. Nope. Not At All.

There was practically no pooling, which is sort of a miracle for a yarn with this many color changes. That Amy, she’s a genius.

And I have finished 7 pairs of socks for 2012 which means I am right on track for my goal of 12 pairs for the year. I think that might just make me a genius. Or at least a smart cookie.

Oh great. Now I want a cookie.

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  1. Beautiful socks! I love seeing all your socks on your blog. I would love to send you a skein of my yarn from Hurricane Yarn ( for you to knit with. If you love it, great, if not, then let me know what I can do differently. If you go to my etsy shop and choose a colorway, I’ll send it on. If you don’t see anything you like I will custom dye something for you. Just email me your choice, and address, and I will get it out to you.

    Thank you!

  2. I love those socks! All those pretty little stripes — and without any pooling, too. So nice. (And . . . Not Lazy! Any kind of pattern would have interfered with that lovely yarn, just doing its work!)

  3. I love the way skeins of yarn carry a history of love and friendship. You’d think our blog friends would remember every bit of every day of our lives. We’ve shared so much on the blog…but, in truth, I barely remember my own life!

  4. Beautiful! Maybe just what I need to finish my 2nd pair of socks for 2012 so I can get on to something a little more colorful!

  5. How could anyone think you’re lazy? You’re at the Y working out all the time 🙂 No one can blame you for wanting a relaxing knit 😉 Lovely socks, as always!

  6. Oh my those socks are perfect! No pooling…. pure genius! Can’t wait to see the 5 socks that are in your queue!

  7. Those are lovely socks! They make me itch to get some socks back on the needles, or more accurately finish the ones that are already there. I cannot believe I’ve only finished one pair so far this year!

  8. Simply beautiful… those colors are fabulous! If I didn’t have (quite a few) bins of sock yarn already, I’d get me some ‘o that!!!

    Love your blog. Just sayin’.

  9. I don’t know of a more satisfying FO than socks. Yours are lovely, indeed. I love my simple socks the best – picot or rib cuff with st st for the win!

  10. Your decision to knit a straightforward design for this yarn is perfect. The socks are lovely and anything more intricate would be wayyyy too busy.

  11. fine socks indeed! I’m really impressed you’ve knit 7 pair this year. I can barely keep up with a hat a month!

  12. I should also finish some socks so I can send you the yarn ends! And now I want an olive loaf sandwich with lots of mayo (that should read “a big helping of nitrates and fats.”)

  13. You do wonders for the sock yarn industry! Every time I read your blog about some finished socks, I go trolling off sock yarn shopping! Those are lovely.

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