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Fiber Revival 2012

You have all been so patient while waiting for my photos and recap of Fiber Revival – thanks for that! I wish I could say the delay was because I had so many photos to process or something but the sad truth is that I didn’t take very many photos. The ones I took were pretty good, though, so at least there’s that.

Jo-Ann and I headed up early Saturday morning (sadly, Sharon couldn’t join us at the last minute – boooo) and we managed to sail right through Boston and arrived shortly after 9:30. We set up our wheels and began spinning with friends.

There were smiles all around throughout the morning, as evidenced by this photo of Erin and Diane. Good times, lots of chatting and swapping of stories, all while spinning away.

We were visited by this handsome rooster while we spun. Given the number of cameras that were whipped out I’d say he’s probably the most photographed rooster in Massachusetts right now. I’ve heard rumors that there will be sock yarn dyed in these colors and to that I say: bring it!

The morning passed quickly and happily but around 11 or so, there were distinct rumblings of discontent. These rumblings had nothing to do with the weather – it was perfect – or the vendors – they were awesome. It had to do with the noticeable absence of the Ipswich Ale Beer Truck. Some of us – ahem – feel that 11 am is plenty late enough to start drinking beer.

Happily the truck was spotted pulling up the drive about 5 minutes later. The tap began to flow with lovely ale.

And the smiles returned to all of our faces.

We continued smiling throughout the afternoon as we ate a delicious lunch, drank a bit more beer, shopped a bit, spun a bit and visited a lot.

It was a perfect day.

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  1. In all these years, I have never met Erin. And there she was, and I missed it.

    Kim’s doing the rooster sock yarn, right? Must.have.

  2. I wish I had gotten there sooner. It was great to see you and Joanne. I love that picture of the rooster!

  3. I love the Fiber Revival, but our vacation has happened at the same time for the last few years. Better scheduling in 2013!

  4. It looked like a great day for all of you! I am getting a bit better at taking pictures when I’m out at events, but I find I forget while I’m having fun. My friend Lisa is great at that. I guess that’s why she has so many good pictures of our kids growing up and I am sadly behind.

    That sock yarn is going to be gorgeous!

  5. I agree, old Tom Rooster would make a gorgeous color palette. And this from someone who is much more often talking about the taste palate!

  6. Was so great to catch up with you and Jo-Ann! Let me know when its time to taste that Rusty Cock Ale, mkay?

  7. I, too, was looking forward to the Ipswich Ale truck – not for the beer but for the hotdogs! No hotdogs this year; last year I inhaled two. I failed to notice the Woolen Rabbit booth until we were just leaving, and I had already spent my limit at the booth of the lady from Maine. It’s always good to see yarns in person, though.

  8. The rooster is amazing. I love the colorful chickens–grandma always had the plain ole white kind! Fiber Revival looks like a blast. None of the fiber events I’ve ever attended included ale!

  9. It looks like a blast! Funny, before I read your line about the sock yarn, the first thing that popped into my head was that sock yarn in rooster colors would be awesome!

  10. Looks like it was a great day. I think there is going
    to be a long list of us knitters who will want to order
    the sock yarn. The rooster colors are just gorgeous!
    Spells FALL!!!

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