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Wordless Wednesday: Seal Watch!

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  1. oh my he’s so cute! how close were you? that’s a great in-focus shot! (and I keep meaning to ask about the font in your watermark – love all the curlicues!!)

  2. Could you just squeeze that face? I couldn’t believe how many of them were at the beach in Chatham a couple of weeks ago. We see them sunbathing on the island near our house once in a while. It’s so strange to me because I never saw a seal while living on Long Island and I basically grew up on the water. Another great thing I love about New England 🙂

  3. Sooo adorable! Love seals, and to be able to see one so close and *not* in a tank is amazing!!

  4. Maybe it’s the long whiskers or the intense gaze, but this gent looks like a wise old soul.

  5. Love his whiskers! I once got to bet a walrus and the trainer had him give me a kiss. Very fishy. The whiskers are the best. Amazing shot, Carole!

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