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Ten On Tuesday

I was thinking the other day about how much I love September. Sure, it heralds the end of summer but it’s still one of my favorite months of the year. And then Kim mentioned to me in an email how much she loves September and inspiration struck and a topic was born: Ten Things You Love About September.

  1. Cooler mornings and nights. I love that crisp air at the beginning and end of the day – it’s perfect for running outside.
  2. Warm afternoons. I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet and September gives me just enough of it to keep me happy.
  3. Low humidity. As much as I love summer I’m not a fan of the humidity. It’s pretty low around here this month and that suits me just fine.
  4. Back to school time. I don’t have little kids going back to school but I do have a husband who works for a school system and a kid who goes to college. The return of routines that comes with the school calendar is pretty welcome at this point.
  5. Apples. The Macintosh are being picked right now and soon they will be followed by my absolute favorites: honey crisp!
  6. Mums. I love the colors of mums and I plan on getting several for the deck and kitchen steps.
  7. Birthdays. Hannah’s birthday was yesterday (thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes!) and mine is in a few weeks. You have to love a month that has your birthday in it.
  8. The beach. Believe it or not our waters are warmest in the month of September. I don’t get very often there this month but we usually manage it around my birthday and I always relish that one last time.
  9. Fall TV. Grey’s Anatomy starts on 9/27, need I say more?
  10. Football! The first Patriot’s regular season game is this coming Sunday and the first home game is on the 16th and Dale and I are going, thanks to the generosity of some friends. wOOt!
I hope you all love September as much as I do. Let’s hear about it – link your blog below.

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  1. I’m waiting for Michael Vick to get hurt … then I can cheer for our Eagles! (I know, it’s not a good thing to hope someone gets hurt. But, well …)

    Happy Belated Birthday to Hannah – sorry I missed sending wishes yesterday.

  2. For all that, it’s pretty humid this morning, at least here in Manhattan. Tomorrow we’re bringing our daughter up to Providence for her junior year and first apartment, so it’s a little sad right now and logistically daunting. For those of us that pick mushrooms, the autumn is the primary harvest time. I’ll be able to use my oven again. Also, it will be cool enough to wear shawls and knit wool.

  3. September is a tough month of transitions – going from a carefree household (two teachers, two students) to theoretically earlier bedtimes and actually MUCH earlier wake-up times This morning person is looking forward to October when we all have our daily routine down sans the grogginess (read “grumpiness”). I’m excited for your opportunity to see the Patriots live. Very cool!

  4. Nothing tastes better than a hot cup of coffee on a crisp September morning! Warm, but not hot, days, cool nights, and clean air! Gotta love New England!

  5. LOve your 10!

    Ill add a few:

    we get a hummingbird, just one, each September around the 9th or 20th

    Love to eat fresh picked apples

    cool sleeping weather with windows open at night

    taffy apples

  6. Oh! Fall TV!! I actually have a list of shows I want to watch, along with their premier dates, so I can program Tivo. We’re going to be gone for a whole week of premieres, so I must be organized! Right? 😉

  7. Well, I’m living in the land of eternal summer, but I’m not jealous at all. On the other hand, the apples here are awful!! I wish I could order a shipment of squash, pumpkins and apples from Lipinski’s. Wahhhhhhh!

  8. love cool morning runs (I had to double check that I was reading your blog :-)…and that apples get a category all their own! happy September indeed!!

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