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My First Patriots Game

So, about that football game on Sunday. We lost. And that was a bummer. The rest of the experience? Fantastic.

We went with our friends Chuck and Cindy and they are season ticket holders and tailgaters extraordinaire.

We made friends with their friends, Brian and Kathy.

And we quickly realized that football tailgating isn’t really all that different from Jimmy Buffett tailgating. Lots of people with lots of food and drink in a parking lot.

And speaking of the food, it was fantastic, from quiche and sausage and fruit to chicken wings and pasta salad and bourbon marinated steak tips. The drinks weren’t bad either, and they were plentiful.

Our time in the parking lot passed all too quickly and we were soon heading for our seats. The excitement of walking into that stadium with all those fans was thrilling. And seeing the Pats take the field, hearing the National Anthem and experiencing the jets flyover was incredible. I loved every moment of it.

Until they lost, of course.

Even so, Dale and I really enjoyed living the high life for a few hours. Thanks for inviting us, Chuck and Cindy, we had a ball!

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  1. What a fun experience for you! You and Dale look like you’re having an awfully good time. (I think tailgating is the best part of football!)

  2. What an exciting ending to that game! Too bad they lost 🙁 I can only imagine what the energy was like in that stadium Sunday afternoon! My sister and her husband are season ticket holders too. They love going.

  3. No matter where you go there’s a party!
    The energy must have been amazing from the very first drink right up until the very moment the game was over. What a great experience!! BTW, you look amazing!

  4. You look maahvelous! It was a beautiful day on Sunday and what a way to spend it! Too bad about the outcome but still looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. Well, it did look like fun, and at least now you have the experience. But it is too bad that the fun day had that downer at the end.

    {At least you weren’t with my husband, who takes a book to any sporting event we go to, so he can read while I pay attention…}

  6. And they lost at the very last moment, I hear. And hey, no fairs making me hungry before my abstemious breakfast with all those food photos!

  7. The pagentry and flyovers, along with fun friends and great food and drink…what could be better? Air Force games are the best for pagentry, and easy on the emotions since I don’t have strong feelings about their team. Watching Broncos and Huskers is heart attack time for me.

  8. saw your blog on the RedFaced Runners blog!
    I’m taking my DH to his first Patriots game this weekend. We’re road tripping to Baltimore.
    Will definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  9. Love Pats games… and it sure looks like you had a grand ‘ole time, even if we did loose. My oh my… and that sure is a tailgate spread – YUM!

  10. You could not look happier in those pictures!

    I’ve been wracking my brain, and I don’t think I have EVER gone tailgating! Except maybe once at a Dead show in the 90s. Maybe I’ll have to pack up some nice food for my next WSU Owls game!!

  11. Looks like so much fun!!!! I’m glad you had a great time and sorry your boys didn’t win. But you look mahvalous Darlin’ you YOU are winning by losing!

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