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Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag

See that right there? That is my new camera bag. Looks like a pocketbook, doesn’t it? It’s made by Epiphanie and it’s called the Lyric Bag. It was an early birthday present to myself as I wanted it for vacation last month and I love it!

It holds my camera body with lens, another lens or two, my flash, my wallet & iPhone, my car keys and even my iPad if I need it. Once it’s loaded up it’s pretty hefty but the strap is comfortable and if I’m just taking my camera with a single lens it’s not bad at all. So far I’ve taken it all over Cape Cod, to West Island and to the Patriots game.

A week from today I’ll be taking it to Utah when I go visit Margene. My bag and I, we get around.

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  1. Oh, man, that’s as close to my “perfect bag” as I’ve seen in a very long time! I wish it were in the budget, but I’m definitely pinning it for future reference. Enjoy your beautiful bag!

  2. Thank you for posting this! My daughter has a birthday coming up (19!). She has two cameras, several lenses, and no good bag.

    Have fun with Margene. She seems like a wonderful friend.

  3. You have no idea how much I could use a new bag. Mine has quite literally been through the war. I love this bag!! Off to check out colours.

  4. That looks like a spectacular bag. I’ve got a new bag too, but it is designed to look a bit more utilitarian. Pretty bags like this make me want another one, but I’ve only had mine for a month or two. Much too soon to buy a new bag!

  5. The bag is fabulous. Love the color! I’m SO EXCITED about next week! 7 more sleeps! We’ve got a great weekend planned, grrlfriend!

  6. Cute!

    I will be in Utah next week, too. I’m hoping for some fall colors, as we don’t have any in the D.C. area yet, but maybe some warm days, too, since our hotel has an outdoor pool.

  7. i love that this bag looks like a purse! It’s hard to get a sense of the size, but. It must be plenty large if youmcan get all that stuff in it!

  8. Cute bag–and sounds like a great plan (seeing Margene). I would love a camera bag that looked like a fabulous purse, as yours does, but I cant ever find one that suits the way I like to grab gear out of my bag on the move–so a flap over top is way better than a zipper. But not looking like a guy’s bag. Oh well! Some day a bag maker will ask my opinion, right?

  9. What a great bag for anything! Love, love the color! What?! Utah? So close! What a tremendous time you will have!!

  10. I love bags. I own way too many. My favourite camera bag is the backpack version I found at Costco, although I do like the fashionable touch. Mine was bought for hiking.

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