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Ten On Tuesday

Everybody loves pizza, right? From plain cheese to a special with all the works it’s a fast, delicious and portable meal, even if it is loaded with calories. And salt. And fat. Okay, so it’s not something I eat as often as I used to but still, I love it and that’s why this week our Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Favorite Pizza Toppings.

(so I don’t have any pictures of pizza but I do have pictures of beer – and what goes better with pizza than beer??)

  1. Peppers and Onions. My all time favorite but only if they are diced up small, not left in long strips. If you want to make it extra special add some crumbled linguica.
  2. Fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes and basil. My second favorite, I think.
  3. Sausage. I’m not a fan of pepperoni (too greasy for me) but I do love sausage.
  4. Mushrooms. I like them by themselves but I love them when combined with sausage.
  5. Black olives. Also great by themselves but especially good when combined with mushrooms. Are you getting the sense that I’m a big fan of 2-way pizza combos?
  6. Buffalo Chicken. This is one that Dale often gets and I enjoy a slice of it but I wouldn’t want to make it my whole meal.
  7. Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch Dressing. We had this on vacation this summer and it was bomb. So good!
  8. Spinach and Feta cheese. I prefer this one without tomatoes. So good and different, too.
  9. Fig and Goat cheese. I had this combination at an upscale pizza place a few years ago and I loved it. No one else in my family would go near something like this, though, so I’m on my own here.
  10. Bacon. Because everything is better with bacon!

Can’t wait to see what you all love on your pizza. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post if you’re playing along. And if you want to sign up to receive Ten On Tuesday emails click here.

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  1. I must say my ultimate favorite pizza is Greek Pizza (Feta & Mozzarella cheese with some chopped up black olives NO tomatoes) It’s a “white” pizza. And Cape Cod Cafe sure does make a good Greek Pizza as does Christos! Mmmmmmm hungry for it at 7am : )

  2. Sometimes I go to a pizzeria in Little Italy to eat their pizza with pesto, ricotta and black olives. And there’s another place nearby for clam pizza, too.

  3. My favorite pizza topping is arugula, with prosciutto, and blue cheese. Another is bacon and caramelized onion. A good tomato basil is always welcome, too! There isn’t a place in Utah with great pizza, btw.

  4. While we are often ‘traditional’ pizza fans, there are three ‘specials’ that are in the rotation here at home.

    White: Mozz + provolone with carmelized onions and a mixture of sliced mushrooms and Italian herbs.

    Santa Fe:

    Mediterranean: Mixed Italian cheese lightly on the bottom for ‘glue’ then roast chicken, kalamata olives, ortichokes, red onion and sun dried tomatoes and feta. Everything is cut reasonably small so you get lots of flavors in each bite.

  5. My favorite is mushrooms, onions, and sausage … followed closely by BBQ chicken, mushrooms, & onions. I’d share that fig & goat cheese pizza with you anytime 🙂

  6. You made me realize that I’m in a pizza rut. Never tried bacon on a pizza much less figs and goat cheese. Hubby and I like white garlic sauce with lots of veggies and chicken. I got kinda off pizza due to the terrible order in pizza we would get for rewarding kids…bleech!

  7. There you go again, making me hungry between breakfast and lunch! “Everything is better with bacon” – how true, especially applewood smoked bacon. I kinda like broccoli florets on my pizza, and I never met a black olive I didn’t adore.

  8. I’m a veg-head, so as long as I see purple onions on it, I’m in. HOWEVER, bacon is the “gateway meat” and I’ve been known to sneak a bite or two when my kid makes it on a GF crust.

  9. ah, I do prefer wine with my pizza (but then again, I prefer wine almost always 🙂 glad you have delish pizza locally (and sorry margene doesn’t – uh oh, another thing to add to my “perfect location” list!)

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