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Ten On Tuesday

Tomorrow is Halloween and that’s got me thinking about scary movies, of course. We did a scary movie topic last year but this year I’m drilling it down to something more specific: 10 Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Movies. Ready? Let’s get spooked!

  1. Psycho. Everyone’s favorite, right? My mother locked the bathroom door for the rest of her life after seeing this movie.
  2. Rear Window. Brilliant. And Grace Kelly, too.
  3. Rebecca. Mrs. Danvers. ‘Nuff said.
  4. The Birds. I think this was on every Sunday when I was a kid. I loved it.
  5. Vertigo. Nobody did acrophobia like Hitchcock. I get dizzy just thinking about this one.
  6. Dial M for Murder. There is no such thing as a perfect crime.
  7. The 39 Steps. Nothing like a good spy story and also the one that really started Hitchcock’s reputation as the master of suspense.
  8. Strangers on a Train. Makes you wonder what Hitchcock had against tennis players. Ya know?
  9. North by Northwest. Cary Grant. Hubba hubba.
  10. Marnie. Hitchcock does sex. Heh.

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  1. I saw Psycho once and never want to see it again. Hitchcock would be perfect entertainment for Halloween night. Maybe I’ll make apple crisp to go with the movie!

  2. I love Hitchcock movies! I can watch them over & over again and be on the edge of my seat every time!

  3. Watched “The Birds” lastnight with husband and kids. I forgot that it was so bloody! Also saw “Rear Window”, one of my faves. I still love North by Northwest.

  4. I was babysitting for my siblings on a Saturday (bowling) night when The Birds was on TV. We weren’t supposed to watch it, of course, but I thought how bad could it be? Yeah. Famous last thoughts. There are scenes from that movie that evoke the same response from me now as they did then… CA-RAZY!

  5. To Catch a Thief. Grace Kelly is so elegant. And it’s got a good dose of comedy too. Oh! Rope and Lifeboat are both good, too.

  6. My personal fav is Rear Window. Speaking of Hitchcock and sex, I have heard he stopped casting Tippi Hedron because she refused his advances. There were several on your list I haven’t seen–gotta get busy!

    Has the storm passed you by? I hope all is well.

  7. My favorite Hitchcock movie is “The Trouble with Harry”, though it is not a scary movie, but a comedy–a very subtle but entirely delightful comedy. It is set in New England in autumn, so here in Louisiana we wait for the first chilly Saturday night, throw open the windows and snuggle down to watch it–every year!! If you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor and watch.

  8. Oh, what a great list. And how the other titles offered in the comment section will lead me right to my netflix account. Our family’s Halloween tradition is Agatha Christie’s story And Then There Were None (1945).

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