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Ten On Tuesday

You know, sometimes it’s rough coming up with a topic every Tuesday. I’d been wracking my brain trying to think of something for this week. I even asked Hannah for help but her suggestions didn’t appeal to me. I kept thinking, I’ve got too much on my mind right now to think of a topic. And then I realized that could be the topic: 10 Things On My Mind Right Now.

  1. The election. I’m not going to get political but today is election day here in the US and I’ve got my eye on the Massachusetts Senate race as well as the Presidential Election and I hope 2 things: I hope the people I vote for win and I hope we have a clear winner tonight.
  2. Job stuff. There’s always job stuff.
  3. My friend Jo-Ann is grieving the loss of her older brother right now and she’s constantly on my mind.
  4. The Leftie Scarf. I’ve been knitting in the ends as I go but I feel like there’s going to be a million little short pieces sticking out once it’s finished. I think it’s going to bug me and I hate it when a knitting project bugs me.
  5. My October sock. I abandoned it and I’ve never abandoned a sock before. It’s worrisome, I tell you.
  6. Pie. What kind to make for Thanksgiving? Oh, there are so many options and I don’t want to miss anyone’s favorite.
  7. Hurricane Sandy, New York, New Jersey. I think this is probably on everyone’s mind.
  8. A pedicure. Seriously, I need to get a pedicure soon.
  9. Reading. I’ve actually been reading books lately and it feels great. I enjoyed S.J. Bolton’s Now You See Me and then I loved Louise Penny’s Still Life. I’m about to start A Discovery of Witches and I hear it’s awesome.
  10. The beautiful 8 point buck I saw in my father-in-law’s backyard last week. It was amazing and it’s the first time I’ve seen a deer in the yard in the 15 years that I’ve lived here. Of course now I expect to see one every time I look outside.
That’s my list of what’s on my mind – some are serious and some are silly but all of them are taking up space in my little head!
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  1. lists like this are always fun – I drafted mine last night and of course it had changed by the time I wrote my post this morning! good luck figuring out the pies…that was on my mind last week. and yes, you are going to LOVE A Discovery of Witches!

  2. Ah, those ends on Leftie! I started out weaving them in as I knit, but didn’t like the way they looked. Now I’ve decided to weave them in the “proper way.” It’ll be a pain. . . but worth it. (I’m stopping to weave once in a while, so it’s not all there at the end.)

  3. great topic this week! I too hope we have a clear winner tonight – its going to be a long one, I suspect.

  4. My monkey mind hasn’t stopped the last few days. It’s trying to find the right topics for the blog. Good list. I am also weaving in the ends on Leftie as I go, but I only 4 leaves finished. It hasn’t been my mail project. I am totally worried about your Oct. sock. Poor thing. I downloaded Barbara Kingsolver’s newest book this morning. It was just released at midnight. I considered staying up until then. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sighting the buck was a gift. You never know when it will happen again, but it will.

  5. Ditto what Donna said about Louise Penney–her books get better and better. LP also has a nice blog, and you can get her monthly newsletter by email. I think her last book may have been her best, and I can hardly wait til the next one. Be sure to read them in order!! Re: ” The trouble with Harry” that I recommended to you last week, I forgot to tell you it is Shirley MacLaine’s first movie, and has Jerry Mathers before he was the Beav, as well as Edmund Gwenn and Mildred Natwick and John Forsythe, and some wonderful character actors.

  6. About the Leftie ends – In the one that is already finished and being uses (I have a few others on the needles and off them too but not in the way we like…) – I left loops of the leaves yarn when I moved from one to the next (to be able to salvage a whole skein in case of you know what) and when it was finished and I was happy with. I set down dreading the hiding of all those end and surprise surprise, I really enjoyed it and it went really fast – I think it is the garter that allows you an easy way of hiding the end in the knitted fabric without any issue. And the resulting shawl is a beauty and worth any effort you put in it!

  7. I have a sock I “abandoned” over the summer. I am leaving it on my coffee table though so I don’t totally forget about it! The yarn is very fine and dark and I need good light to deal with it.

    It’s so cool to spot deer. We usually see them in the back yard but so far none this fall. There were a couple over the summer though.

    I’ve started thinking about pies too. Pumpkin is always on the list. Not too sure what else we will make though.

  8. Great topic! I agree with Mary – I think you will enjoy A Discovery of Witches. I also agree this will be an interesting election to watch.

  9. Great topic! Lists are great and I am already getting a little anxious about the holidays and that is one of things on my list!
    Okay, I have 3 different socks that need the other partner! I can’t seem to get my self motivated. So I hear you!!
    Happy election day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Beside ourselves with anxiety here in Rockport about the presidential and senatorial election results – with you on #1, #1, #1. I’ve read a Discovery of Witches and it’s not bad. Now halfway through the second book – things get very complicated.

  11. The deer have been plentiful on our land this year. The problem for me is that they ate my beautiful rose bushes. I’ve always wrapped chicken wire around them. Now I have to place chicken wire over the tops and seal them in. It kind of takes away the beauty of having roses. They remind me of the Amnesty International Candle all wrapped in barbed wire. The problem for the deer is that they do not startle around humans this year. I had one 10 feet from my car today hanging out eating grass. I was outside packing the car for work, pulling out and it refused to run away. It’s going to be a very good deer season in Pennsylvania. The hunters won’t even have to go into tree stands.
    Everyone I know tells me it’s the same at their house. It’s just odd. I guess you can see deer and their behavior is something I’ve had on my mind lately.

  12. oh the leftie scarf…love it but the thought of all those ends (and yes, of them poking out no matter how well you try to weave the things in) has kept me from CO lol
    i’ll have to check out a discovery of witches

  13. So, you didn’t have a topic, yet today’s post was one of the best 10 on Tuesdays! Like you, I have politics on my mind. My husband and I have been reading like maniacs, economics, political perspectives, etc. Although this reading did not necessarily change my political leanings, it was profound in that I realized how susceptible I could be to political ads, etc. The irony is that I wrote all the campaign literature for a state representative candidate and had first hand knowledge of the thinking and insanity behind the negative ads.

  14. I don’t read fiction but thinking, after reading all the comments, that I might try Discovery of Witches…and as all have said, today’s topic is a great one for jumpstarting the brain. Looks like we’ll all be up late this evening…


  15. We have a lot in common on our lists. We’re having Blueberry Pie tonight from the market — pie is not one of those things that I’ve mastered — that dang crust.

  16. Carole

    i hate when a knitting project bothers me too! We work so hard and put so much into our knitting!

    also on my mind:
    election results
    my sick elderly cat Rosalyn
    life getting normalized again after trip to Mexico

  17. Hello Carole, Obama win the Election, less one thing in your mine , or not (rrsss). I star to do my first shawl, its exciting, and a little bit scary too. About my socks, i never finish them, shame me! Nice day.

  18. Oh, yes….A Discovery of Witches is awesome…because the author is a historian, you really feel like you’re in the story. Great detail. Also, the sequel Shadow of Night is fabulous as well. I will probably reread them while I wait for the 3rd book.

    And, yes, Pie is good too.

  19. I’m so pleased for your state! The one hope-filled thing my RED state did was repeal the education “reform” the legislature shoved down our throats two years ago, thus saying to the good ‘ol boys, “Don’t get too big for your britches.” Also, a couple of the local districts voted out R’s and put in D’s. I hope it’s a real start for Idaho.

    Abandoned. I have many abandoned projects, which I have foolishly told myself I will EVENTUALLY come back to. Eventually. really.

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