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Homemade Ravioli

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Remember this post? The one where we all talked about the things we wanted to do in 2012? I finally just accomplished #2 on that list: homemade ravioli. Let me just say this: oh. yum.

And also: not difficult at all.

I used this recipe for the pasta and the filling. The pasta was easy to make using my Kitchen Aid mixer, both for the dough assembly and rolling out the pasta sheets.

After letting the pasta sheets dry for a bit I assembled the ravioli. It took some practice to get the hang out of knowing how much filling to put in, how much flour to use so the raviolis wouldn’t stick to the ravioli press and stuff like that but the whole thing was actually pretty quick.

One of the things I liked about making ravioli vs. making regular pasta is that the ravioli can be made ahead of time and set aside until it’s time to eat. When I tried that with the regular pasta I wound up with sticky clumpy messes of fettucine and I wasn’t happy. I’m sure there’s an easy way to make that work but I haven’t figured it out just yet.

So for now, anyway, I’ll be making ravioli. They may not all be pretty and they may not all be even but they are all most definitely delicious, especially when tossed with this delicious sauce.

Heaven on a plate, my friends.


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  1. I always find homemade pasta to be so impressive! Love the ravioli press and the recipe for the sauce. What time is dinner??

  2. Ravioli is pretty much the most perfect food. Tasty; fun; cool to look at. And homemade is THE BEST! Yum. Just Yum.

  3. Mmm….I love making and eating pasta, but it’s something that I can only eat very occasionally. That ravioli press is so pretty!

  4. I made my own pasta for years, but never ravioli. Butternut squash ravioli is my favorite of all! I sure miss it. 🙁
    Your little raviolis are so darling. Dinner must have been heaven!!

  5. Love it! They look great!! Where did you get your ravioli tray? Must get one and try these 🙂

  6. Oh yum. They look delicious. My dad has my grandmothers ravioli pans. My husband wants to give it a try. He said his grandma made them (or another form of home made pasta) every Sunday.

  7. My husband and I make ravioli together a few times a year. We try to make enough dough for extras. Then we put them on a cookie sheet covered by waxed paper in the freezer. Two weeks later we have another ravioli dinner without all the work.

  8. yummm! It’s great that you accomplished an item on your list. I have amazing memories of my grandmother’s egg noodles, but have never tried making any kind of pasta myself. Here’s to you!

  9. Yum, yum, yum. When I was a kid a lady at the campground we went to made me homemade manicotti twice each summer. It was pure heaven. Just like those raviolis!

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