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Mitten Mania

So did everybody’s queue of mitts and mittens explode on Tuesday or what? I know mine did and I’m seriously glad that you all enjoyed this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic so much. As planned I did indeed cast on my Drifty Mittens on Tuesday night and here’s my progress as of yesterday afternoon:

Damn but knitting with bulky yarn goes fast.

Now, want to hear something truly ironic? I’ve had this pattern queued for ages and now that I’m finally knitting them I’m just – – – meh – – – about them. They are cute but they just aren’t really me. So they will be finished and donated to Kiwanis for our raffle table at Christmas on the Common on Saturday.

The big question, though, is what mitten pattern to knit next? There are just so many to choose from!

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  1. That happens surprisingly often when I knit mittens (especially colorwork mittens, it seems)! Adorable . . . but not me. They will make a wonderful prize for someone this weekend, though! What a great prize donation.

  2. So true! There are many patterns that I would love to knit but not wear. Gifting is such a great option especially with mittens
    (scarves, cowls and shawlettes, too )!

  3. It looks like a cute mitten. Kinda Charlie Brown type of mitten. If the mittens are for you you need to find a pattern you LOVE! Then you’ll be happy when they’re done.

  4. Those are fast! OK. You’re fast. Wouldn’t they be fun with the sky done in a semi-solid navy – winter at night?

  5. Bulky yarn does make a project go faster. Those are cute mittens! I am sure they will be a well-received prize for the winner.

  6. I made the Drifty set last year & I still *love* them … they are very me 🙂 I get so many compliments when I wear them. With the weather here getting chillier, I think it may be time for me to get them out of storage and start wearing them, especially on those super cold mornings at the bus stop!

  7. Love all of your mittens. Growing up we always had hats and mittens made by my mom and so did my children. I, however, did not inherit the knitting gene. By chance, do you take orders?

  8. Oooh, they’ll go over big at the Kiwanis event! I knit a pair of mitts with worsted, after working with fingering for so long, and was thrilled with how quick they worked up!

  9. Seems that loving a pattern but not the product is a fairly common affliction. I liked the comment that mentioned a navy night sky instead of the gray. Whoever gets these mittens will undoubtedly feel they hit the jackpot!

  10. You are quickly to knity. They are sweety. A greaty gift. I loved your mitten list. I dont know you, but i always have more projects than i can handle.

  11. That’s such a bummer when an anticipated project isn’t as exciting in reality. I’m sure that they’ll be a hit at the raffle.

    I queued a few on Tuesday but right now I’m knitting hats. I guess you could say I’m working from the top down – hats first, then mittens.

  12. I just had the same thing happen with the Color Affection that I just finished. Loved the knitting of it, and I still like the idea of it, but I am not sure I will ever wear it. I am going to give it a few weeks chance, and otherwise it will be a Christmas gift. Either way, the knitting of it was lovely and that makes it ok anyway.

  13. Somebody is going to Love them! I think they will be a generous donation and that they will go to the right person in the end. Please post a final pic with the red bird!

  14. I’m looking forward to seeing what mitten pattern you choose next.

    Have you considered a felted mitten pattern? They are extra warm. I’ve made the Snow Country Felted mitten which is a Fiber Trends pattern. It’s knitted with two strands of worsted held together. The pattern has a few short rows across the back of the hand – to make them a little more anatomically correct. I wasn’t impressed with the mittens before they were felted but they have become my favorite pair of mittens post-felting. I needed just a little bit more than one skein of Cascade 220 for the medium size.

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