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Drifty Mittens

I did indeed finish the Drifty Mittens in time to donate them to our raffle table at Christmas on the Common.

They are cute and I like them well enough but I was glad to give them away. They were a very fast knit, the pattern is well written, and I’m happy to finally cross these off my queue.

I had some help with the cardinal, though, as my attempts with embroidering resulted in a red blob. Jo-Ann, however, has mad embroidery skills and she fixed ’em right up for me.

I hope the winner loves them and enjoys them for a good long time.

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  1. cute! and the red bird is perfect perched on the fence. I like the way the cuff rolls…maybe a good mitten pattern without the color work?

  2. Love these mittens. I do have a weakness for cardinals though.
    Glad you have a good cause to donate them to.

  3. And here I’d seen your mittens on Ravelry and been jealous of your picture-perfect cardinal. I wish I’d had a Jo-Ann when it was time to embroider mine! “Red blob” is about right.

  4. They came out great, and I was happy to help you ‘improve’ your Cardinal 😉 My Mom was an avid embroiderer, so I picked up some of her skills, I guess. I’d be happy to help whoever needs a Cardinal next!

  5. I’m glad you knit them and crossed them off your list. They look warm and cozy and will keep someone’s hands toasty. The cardinal is adorable! Yay for friends!

  6. I Love Them!! How cool would it be for you to be somewhere around town and see someone wearing them?? It just might happen, EB’s a small town : )

  7. I would have needed major help with the embroidery too. That’s definitely not one of my strong crafting skills! I love how they came out. You did a great job.

  8. The mittens are adorable and whoever gets them will be thrilled. Cardinals are such a wonderful bit of winter landscape color. Sadly, we don’t have them in Colorado, but rumor has it that they are moving west. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…inside my warm winter mittens of course.

  9. Well, my first thought on seeing the completed mittens was that I could never knit them because I could never get that cardinal to look right. They are gorgeous mittens – I hope the winner appreciates the hard work and craftsmanship.

  10. Those are so cute. I was wondering how you did the Cardinals before I read that your friend did them. They look perfect. Now move on to the next one. Hopefully it’ll be a keeper!

  11. Oh Carole, they turned out so cute!!! Whoever ends up with them will absolutely love them!
    ps-I sent you alittle something through Ravelry the other day 😉

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