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Christmas Vacation 2012

Hey there! I’m just popping in for a quick update before this week slips away entirely.

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, a relaxing Christmas morning, and an incredible Christmas dinner. We spent time with our family and friends and enjoyed every moment of it.


I even got a picture with my favorite Santa Claus.

And since then I have been going to the gym, knitting on the couch, and watching Dexter. I love being on vacation the week after Christmas. In that spirit I will be continuing this little blog break until next Wednesday – when work resumes so will the blog.

Happy New Year – see you in 2013!

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  1. Love that picture! You guys look so happy : ) Glad you are having a nice vacation! Happy New Year to you all as well!

  2. I surely like that picture of you and Santa!!! Does Dale know? vbg Happy New Year Carole! I hope it’s a healthy, happy one for all of you!

  3. Wonderful picture! Hoping you get to make lots more memorable moments during this vacation. Happy New Year, Carol!

  4. Happy vacation and New Year Carole! What a nice picture! (Though clearly you’ve never taken a bad one as far as I can see!) See you in 2013.

  5. My vacation doesn’t come until next week — this week is torture! Enjoy the work break and the blog break — and have a happy new year! 🙂

  6. Happy New Year, Carole! I just love the week after Christmas. Perfect time to just relax and enjoy family, friends and of course knitting!

  7. That’s quite a lush Santa suit! It’s good to see you being light-hearted. We can all use some of that.

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