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This weekend was exactly what I needed: restful, simple and fun.

I needed it to be restful because I’ve been fighting a cold and sinus infection for a week and rest was definitely in order.

I needed it to be simple because so many weekends lately have been filled with partying and socializing and rushing around. That’s all good and fun but sometimes it’s nice to have a simple weekend with my husband.

And I needed it to be fun because, quite honestly, weekends are supposed to be fun.

We had dinner out with friends on Friday night at a new-to-us place that we loved. I could mostly taste food again then so the burger I had was a wonderful reward to my taste buds. The Kentucky Bourbon Ale was amazing, too.

Saturday was set aside for Dale and I to just be together. I’m going away next weekend (it’s SPA time!!) so we both agreed that some quiet time together was in order. We went for a ride, food shopped together (a rare occurrence), had yummy food and cocktails, sang and danced in our living room, played cards (I kicked-his-ass) and truly enjoyed each other’s company.

Sunday was the true highlight of our weekend and it involved one of Dale’s Christmas presents. You know what, though? You’re just going to have to come back on Wednesday to hear more about it.

I know. I’m such a tease.

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  1. ahhh. I’m ready for one of those weekends myself. maybe later in February? hope you’re feeling better. enjoy the week!

  2. A weekend like that is the best there is!! Hope your cold turned out to be nothing and you’re feeling better! Wish Smith played games and cards it sounds like a nice way to while away a weekend together.

  3. Kentucky bourbon ale is everywhere! Dan has been drinking it for a while now and the surge in popularity since Xmas is impressive. We had an “us” day too this wknd….I love those days.

  4. Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend 🙂 Mine was spent mostly in my big comfy chair with either my laptop or my knitting, fighting off the cold that threatened to overtake me. I think I’ve beat it back into submission by the shear volume of inactivity 😉 Glad you’re feeling better!

  5. We have been trying to find time to see “The Hobbit” since it came out. Busy, busy, busy. And it’s nice when a Christmas gift is used well….

  6. Like you, I was fighting some flu-like bug. My Saturday was spent hunkered down on the sofa watching Downton between several naps. But yesterday I felt terrific, got so much done, and still found time to watch some basketball (my fav sport) with my guy. I’m so glad you had the time to relax and do what makes you happy!! Happy Monday, Carole!

  7. The suspense is killing me! Sounds like a perfect weekend when you’re needing some downtime. Hope your bug has realized there’s no percentage in trying to get a good woman down!

  8. Hope you are feeling better. It seems like everyone is fighting off some kind of illness lately. Can’t wait to hear all about your Sunday!

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