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Loasa Lateritia Socks

The parade of hand knits continues today with these gorgeous Loasa Lateritia Socks.

I can’t remember where, exactly, I first saw these socks but once I did I just The pattern is only available as part of the ebook The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet and at first I resisted buying the entire book for just this one pattern. I searched for other sock patterns to satisfy my urges and even queued up a few. In the end, though, I decided there were enough other patterns in that book to make it worth the investment, and I took the plunge.

I’m so glad I did because I love-love-love these socks. There is the beautiful lace turned cuff.

And the comfortable and snug k3p1 ribbed leg and foot. I just love the way that kind of ribbing looks like stockinette when it’s not stretched out but then you put them on and they fit perfectly and feel so good.

The yarn is Woolen Rabbit Kashmir Sock, a merin/nylon/cashmere blend and it’s suitably luxurious for the pattern. The color is Godiva and it truly does look like rich dark chocolate. Mmmmm. And that’s what I will be saying every time I wear these socks.


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  1. Carole,
    Love the socks! I also wanted to Thank you again for the fish chowder recipe. I made it again Sunday and My Husband says Hands down Best chowder recipe !!!

  2. ooohh they are pretty! can’t wait to see what else you knit from that book – I heard an interview with the designer on a podcast and the patterns sounded like a lot of fun.

  3. Those are very nice!! I like both the color and the pattern. I am always hesitant to buy entire pattern books myself for some reason. It’s so nice when there are enough patterns to make it worth it!

  4. (If you get this comment twice, my apologies. Something weird happened.) Anyway. I can see why that design captured your heart. Charming, interesting, fun to knit AND wear. They look good enough to eat!

  5. Lovely socks! So you’re back in the game knitting them again, right?

    Now that the holiday knitting is done and I’m a free woman again, I took a similar plunge and bought a Woolly Wormhead ebook because there are at least 3 hats in it I’ve wanted to make for a while, and there’s a 33% off sale on all her patterns through Wednesday if you enter the code hello2013.

  6. Sweet socks…I just started a new pair myself!…what size needles did you use for the k3, P1 rib?…I like the look very much..and will have to try it soon…

  7. I LOVE your socks! My sock drawer is going through attrition rather than acquisition as I rarely knit and I rarely knit socks any more. Must make a change!

  8. These socks are amazing. And the Kashmir is a great choice of yarn–I just finished the Isadora scarf in Kashmir and it’s totally awesome. It’s clear that your sock mojp is baaaaaaack!

    P.S. The first comment referred to a fish chowder recipe–is it easy to send a link? ,I made an amazing salmon chowder from an east coast recipe in the Denver Post (go figure) and it was awesome. Now I am obsessed with chowder!

    P.P.S. Congratulations on your Pats! We Bronco fans are in mourning, but the sun did come up yesterday and the sunrise WAS orange and blue!

  9. Cuffed socks… And such lovely ones as well. I am currently knitting with Woolen Rabbit Lucent and I’m in love! The color way,the hand….all so luscious! I see additional purchases in my future!

  10. Mmmm, indeed. Yummy color and yummy fiber mix. Those look like socks that beg a nice quiet afternoon with a glass of wine. Or maybe that’s just what I’m wanting right now as many things are begging a quiet afternoon with a glass of wine. 🙂

  11. Imagine that: a librarian being an enabler for purchasing a book. I looked through all the patterns, saw that they were not only beautiful but also could be knit in large, and bought the e book.

    Thanks for the tip!

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