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Tom’s Happy Half Century Socks

Hold on to your hats because today I am finally showing you my last finished knit of 2012. You’ll be shocked, shocked (anyone get the movie reference? any one? anyone? [oooh, and there’s another!], to see it’s a pair of socks.  I started them on Christmas Day and finished them on New Year’s Eve. I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Less than a week for a pair of man socks. Impressive, isn’t it?

I had two reasons for getting them done so quickly. The first was to meet my goal of knitting 12 pairs of socks in 2012. The second was to have them done in time to give them to my good friend, Tom for this birthday on January 5th. You remember Tom, right? Well he turned 50 last week and, like his wife, I decided he needed some love in the form of hand knit socks from me. I don’t knit man socks for just anybody since they are truly a labor of love, what with all.those.stitches. In fact, I think Tom is the first guy I’ve ever knit socks for other than my husband. But a 50th birthday is a pretty big deal and Tom went through some pretty big stuff last year so hand knit socks seemed appropriate.

The pattern is a basic sock pattern – you know the drill. Cast on 72 stitches, knit 2×2 rib for a while, knit some stockinette, do a heel flap and gusset, knit the foot and the toe decreases and you’re done. Lather, rinse, repeat. The yarn is Ball and Skein Super Sock 416 in the color Forest. It seemed appropriate for Tom since he’s about as Irish as a person can get. And he was appropriately thrilled with the gift and that’s all the thanks any knitter needs, honestly.

Wear them well, buddy. Wear them well.

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  1. They are a gorgeous green! Congratulations on meeting your goal of 12 pairs of socks in 12 months (even after your sock mojo left)!

  2. Tom is one lucky dude! Socks make such a wonderful gift for a good friend. All the stitches of love make them all the better. Enjoy them, Tom!!

  3. No trademark picot edge bind-off? Well, I guess for someone named ‘Tom’, maybe not. You iz a speedy knitter, girl!

  4. Hey, that’s one of the great lines fro Casablanca! Beautiful socks, and I love the way you made a heart with them in the last picture.

  5. My favorite thing about this is the level of focus and commitment–you always bring it, girl! Tom is, as many have already said, a lucky dude.

  6. Casablanca and Ferris Buehler all in one paragraph! I love it. Great looking socks too. I make socks for my husband, my Dad (who wears them everyday when he naps, because he doesn’t feel like he needs covers when he naps, but his feet get cold) and my sons. The younger son, the one with the biggest feet in the family, size 12’s I tell you, calls them “hugs for his feet”. Let me tell you, that will make me knit more of those big suckers!

  7. Those are beautiful. I have large feet for a woman and am always buying two skeins of yarn to make sure I have enough to make myself a pair. Did you get those out of one hank? It’s such a pretty color.

  8. I add my pat on the back for fulfilling your 12 pair commitment! Good for you, and I salute Tom for being a Knitworthy Recipient. They are a special breed of friend.

  9. I’m so glad everything turned out ok…and you had a birthday celebration! 50 is a big deal and man-socks are a perfect way to mark the milestone!!

  10. Wow, Carole! One week is very impressive. The color is so warm as will be the socks! You have time – my 50th is in four weeks away! 😉

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