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Ten On Tuesday

There’s nothing quite like being a little kid, right? Lots of time for playing with friends, no bills to worry about, and parents to take care of you. Sometimes I miss that feeling and that’s why this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Miss From Your Childhood.

  1. My mom’s cooking. Sure, sometimes she made things I hated, like shrimp wiggle, but most of the time it was food that I loved: Β fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, meatloaf, Greek lamb and more. There was dessert every night, too.
  2. Slumber parties. Not that anyone slumbered but it sure was fun.
  3. Valentine’s Day in school. Everyone made little mailboxes and you got lots and lots of Valentine’s from your friends. So fun!
  4. Playing all day Saturday. This usually involved being at a friend’s house or having a friend over to my house. There is nothing like that feeling of having a whole day stretch out in front of you and your best friend.
  5. My brothers. They teased me but it was because they loved me and I sure miss having them around to reminisce with about this stuff.
  6. Making a fort with blankets. I loved to go in there with a book and a snack and pretend I was camping.
  7. Cheesy music. I sang along with The Osmonds, The Partridge Family and The Bay Street Rollers into many a hairbrush.
  8. My dressing table. It was painted blue and my mom made a skirt for it that was rows and rows of white eyelet. I loved to sit there and look into the mirror that hung on the wall and pretend I was a grown up getting ready to go somewhere fancy.
  9. Summer camp. I went to church camp and it was the best 2 weeks of my summer. There was swimming and games, arts and crafts and singing, and I loved living in those little cabins.
  10. Field trips. My mom would make me a really special lunch with extra fruit and cupcakes for dessert and I loved to ride on the bus because I was a walker. We always went to the aquarium and Plimoth Plantation and I never got tired of it.

This was a really fun list for me to think about and write. There was a lot of crap in my childhood and I’ve had to focus on that a lot to work through the fall out from it. It was really refreshing to think about the things that made me happy instead. And now I sort of want to color and go for a bike ride to a friend’s house.

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  1. Aaahh….field trips to the Museum of Science. I always bought the pencil with a tube attached filled with tiny rocks.

  2. There are so many good things about being a kid! I really loved the fort/tent building thing, too! I just loved having a “secret” hide-y place. This topic is going to give me warm, tingly, Nostalgia feelings all day! (Shrimp Wiggle????)

  3. I LOVED this topic! your list is a good one – I, too, sang along – and I would’ve loved spending the night at your house…and getting to use your pretty dressing table! (I didn’t have a crappy childhood – but it did take me a bit to remember the really good things – in general, I think life is so much better now!!)

  4. 1.BAARBIIIIEEESSS and polly pockets
    2. Cartoons on Nickelodeon!
    3. “um, pretend, ______ ” and really believing the next thing I said would become real
    4. annoying Luke
    5. only bothering with pop music
    6. Homework was a breeeeze and I had so much time to plaaay!
    7. Patrick was just a little babe! and he appreciated #1 as much as I did
    8. Coordinating weekends at dads and playing with my cousins
    9. Calling people on their house phones and knowing who was important because you knew their number by heart
    10. Furby Tamagotchi Lite Brite etc etc etc

    I wanna go back ok mumma

  5. Forts!!!! And the only time my mom gave me a can of soda with my lunch was when we went on field trips. And a fresh package of crayons untouched by my brother. And paper dolls!

  6. Riding the bus for field trips was HUGE fun! I was a walker too, and I’m pretty sure it was uphill both ways, I carried my saxophone to and from school every day, and it was always February πŸ™‚

  7. Your memories of childhood are similar to what I should/could have remembered, but I’m too far away from being a kid to think of all the fun stuff. I loved riding my bike all day and not worrying about how far afield I rode. I only had to be back by dinnertime/dark. It was pure freedom.

  8. Me and my neighbor would make great forts in her basement! And field trips were always fun. I loved going to the pumpkin patch every year.

  9. I forgot my field trip on the train up the valley! Oh that was fun…3rd grade!
    GREAT list, and I love the photo of the crayons…off to find an adult coloring book. I think I miss that creative outlet!

  10. Playing Tonka trucks in the back yard with my brothers, walking through the woods behind our house and getting all muddy and pitch-y from the pine trees, summer riding camp in NH, camping every weekend, skiing with my friends in the winter, riding in the back of the pick up truck with my dogs, making & recording skid marks on the driveway on my banana seat schwinn with my brother, oh, and lots and lots of that hairbrush microphone performing πŸ˜‰ Ah, those were the days!

  11. My cousin and I had the most fun playing The Flying Nun. We’re not catholic, but between that tv show and The Sound of Music, we found nuns fascinating. I also loved to swim, swim, swim at the beach, at the pool, running through sprinklers. So many of my childhood photos are of me playing with water. What a delightful topic, Carole. And fun to see Hannah’s list as well!

  12. Swimming lessons during the summer…roller skating everywhere…ditching my little brother with mean tricks…Kool Aid popsicles…spending time on the farm with Gramma…scouring the library for new books…fried chicken for Sunday dinner…ice skating on a flooded over tennis court…feeding the ducks at Pioneers Park…lilacs in the spring. Fun memories. Thanks for sharing yours. Hugs!

  13. Dressing up for Halloween, riding my big shiny red bike, being a Boy Scout, playing army with friends, shooting my bow, watching Andy Griffith…wait a minute, I’m still doing all that stuff. I’m not sure what that tells you!

  14. The 5th grade field trip to the Museum of Science was something we looked forward to from 2nd grade on I think! Your crayon photo is perfect, I want to color now too!

  15. Sledding and/or ice skating until the winter sky turned that gorgeous dark blue with pale green at the horizon and your feet were all itchy from the cold, learning to read chapter books, going to the public library which smelled so good, playing dolls all day long with my friends, getting a puppy, and of course, that new box of crayons with the tips still all perfectly pointy.

  16. This is a great trip down memory lane! For me it was the wonderful care free summers, swimming and diving at our local pond in Wellesley and sledding and ice skating in the winter.
    The book mobile which came to our neighborhood every other week and the ice cream truck that came every night! Summer camp for 2 weeks in NH and summer family vacations at the Cape. I will be back after I go buy a new box of crayons!
    Thanks Carole!

  17. I loved your post today! Even though I’m on the opposite coast and at least ten years older, every single one of your memories rang a bell with me,including the bad stuff that has taken a lifetime to deal with, being a child of divorce. It’s good to concentrate on the positive stuff. I would like to add the huge simple pleasure of opening a new 64 Crayola box! Thanks for making my day.

  18. Oh yeah, number 7! My sister and I would put on roller skates and skate in circles in the garage with the cheesy music cranked, hairbrushes in hand. My favorite Partridge Family song: “I Think I Love You”…Good times.

  19. That was such a great topic. I loved making blankeet forts and summer camp rocked (even the year I got kicked out). What is Shrimp Wiggle? I just sounds so… wrong.

  20. Carole~great prompt this time! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s lists and had fun creating my own. I could have listed 100’s of great childhood memories.

  21. thank you for such a wonderful, sweet topic this week! loved it! and am loving reading others answers. a lot of the things you mentioned i kind of forgot : field trips, slumber parties and valentine’s day . but oh i did love those times too πŸ™‚ . i was thinking how funny it is how most of our lists are quite similar being similar in age and most of us with an american upbringing. your songs are just a few years ahead of me though lol. makes me wonder what our kids’ generation will remember. i often think of this in a very painful manner as i’m raising my kids in france as little frenchpeople. english is not their native language, they speak it witha french accent and dont always get the grammar right. their points of reference are french, the schooling they are receiving is french. just totally different, even apart from the generational differences, to what i knew. it’s hard and painful sometimes.

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