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Strawberry Margarita Socks

I have my first finished socks of 2013 to show you today.

They are a beautiful pair of pink, white and red striped socks. The yarn is Yarntini and the color is called Strawberry Daiquiri. I’m more of a margarita girl, though, so I call them my Strawberry Margarita Socks. I deliberately mismatched the stripes this time and I think that makes them even cuter.

Plus, it makes me feel all rebellious and stuff when the picot edges and toes don’t exactly match from sock to sock.

I simply adore that these stripes are not all the same width. A wide pink stripe sandwiched between shorter stripes of red and white makes for a very striking combination, I think.

As I processed this particular photo I couldn’t help but admire those tiny, even stitches. Have you ever really looked at a handknit sock? I sort of take them for granted but there are thousands of stitches in each one and sometimes it’s good to take a step back and admire them.

I am knitter, hear me roar.


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  1. They make me think of Valentines Day, but hey, I’ll take a Margarita on Valentines Day anytime. And most of all, they look warm!

  2. Ooooh, I love them! Those colors are delicious together, and I love that you mismatched the stripes – you rebel, you!

  3. Grrrr! Daiquiris are stupid–haven’t had one for about 40 years! I love mismatched stripes. You didn’t mention the blizzard? Were you spared?

  4. Yowza! I love them! What a cheery pair to remind you that spring isn’t too far away. And yes, those tiny stitches – such a labor, but one so worthwhile!

  5. Very pretty. I am slow to knit sweaters because of all those stitches, but lately I’ve wondered if I’ve not knit multitudes of ‘sweaters’ in disguise. I’m actually afraid to do the math and find out it so. I usually use 2.5 mm needles.
    I love your very girly socks with such a dainty edge.

  6. Those are adorable! I have looked at the stitches in a handknit sock before… it is amazing to see all the tiny stitches lined up in a row.

  7. do you knit socks on dpns or circulars? I don’t even see a hint of a ladder, so I’m guessing circulars. These are gorgeous.

    I went in search of this yarn and the etsy shop is closed for maternity leave… Hoping I can talk her into making some more of this colorway when she opens the door again… thanks for sharing.

    Tina J.

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