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Through the Loops Mystery Socks 2013

It has been nearly a month since I finished the Through the Loops Mystery Socks for 2013 and I am just now getting around to blogging about them. And to think, this is a knitting blog. Unbelievable. In any case and without further delay, here they are:

They are quite lovely and very different from the slacker, ummmm, I mean . . . plain socks that I usually knit. These beauties are all about texture and movement.

They start out with a picot cast on that just about did me in. Fiddly doesn’t even begin to describe it but it’s totally worth it for that frilly little edge you get in return for your effort.

The diamond and lace pattern creates a lovely design down the entire front of the leg and it continues and rearranges itself on the foot.

That design is echoed on the back of the leg and is worked right through heel flap, too. I must admit that I particularly like the way Kirsten incorporates the design into the different elements of the sock.

The yarn I used is Spud and Chloe Fine that I purchased at WEBS and I enjoyed it very much. I was worried that the socks were going to be too big as they looked very loose and baggy when I was knitting them. Once on my foot, however, they snug right up and are quite comfortable in a slouchy kind of way. Does that even make sense?

What does make sense is wearing them and now that I have blogged them that’s exactly what I’m doing.

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  1. She designs lovely socks doesn’t she? yours are so pretty, especially in that color and yarn. S&C fine does knit a nice sock – I’ve finished one and have 3 more on the needles 🙂

  2. Cool socks and construction though I’m afraid my rough heels would chew straight through that lacy heel. They look very comfy.

  3. I’m slacking right there with you. I rarely do anything more complicated when it comes to my socks. Those look lovely. Great color. And they look so soft and comfy!

  4. Love the design, it’s very pretty and feminine – and the yarn color looks rich and delicious 🙂

  5. I definitely like the Spud & Chloe sock yarn. I’m a big fan of solids and semisolids and they have a good range of colors too.

  6. They are gorgeous. All I need to do is restart them, as I gave up on the picot edge!!!

  7. Ugh. Seeing your socks reminds me that mine are still miles from complete. Yours look great. I think that the solid yarn really is best for the pattern. Great color.

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