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St. Patrick’s Day Photo Prop

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to St. Patrick’s Day called Wearin’ of the Green. I’ve got some food and drink ideas on there along with some decoration ideas for St. Patrick’s Day parties. I, as I have mentioned before, am not Irish so there aren’t any parties of this sort at my house. Our good friends Tom and Anne, though, are very Irish and they have a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day party every year, so I have been pinning things to share with them.

One of the things I pinned was this St. Patrick’s Day Photo Frame and last Sunday we set about making our own. Please note, I use the term we very loosely here since my artistic abilities are severely limited. Sure, I can knit and quilt and sew but paint? Notsomuch. Luckily, Anne can draw and she is very good with a paint brush so she used her mad skillz to create an awesome prop for their upcoming party.

We used a frame that Anne found in her garage along with some cardboard and Anne’s extensive paint supplies.

She drew the pot of gold, rainbow and leprechaun hat freehand and then painted them with acrylic paint and sprinkled on a bit of glitter for some bling. After Dale tried stapling the cardboard pieces to the frame – and found that the staples started breaking up the frame – Anne got out the hot glue gun and glued them in place.

And wa-la! Here is Dale.

And here is Tom. Because, of course everyone wanted a turn posing with the frame

And here is Anne as a leprechaun, too. How cute is that? I think it’s going to make a wicked fun addition to their party!


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  1. Oh my god! That is the most fun party-prop I’ve seen in a long while! Sure to be a smash-hit with the St. Paddy’s Day revelers!

  2. …I got to the bottom and was very disappointed not to see YOU with that pot o’ gold! what a fun prop for great photos!

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