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Ten On Tuesday

Our big trip to Mexico is right around the corner. It’s so close, in fact, that we have already started packing. I don’t know about you but when I am getting ready to go somewhere I make a list of everything I need and I check things off as I add them to my suitcase. I always worry that I will forget something and I usually do forget at least one thing. If I’m being completely honest I will admit that I actually feel better when I remember the one thing that I forgot because then I don’t worry about forgetting anything. Sometimes it’s a bus full of crazy in my head, people. Anyway. Today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is completely inspired by the fact that packing is on my brain and that’s why I’m making a list of 10 Things I Always Bring on Vacation.

  1. Clothes. This is a no brainer, right? I almost didn’t even include this on the list because it’s so easy it feels like cheating.
  2. Knitting. Of course I spend lots of time deciding what knitting to bring. Socks are great for air travel (can I bring my knitting needles on an international flight?) and they are good for beach knitting, too, but sometimes something of a more challenging nature is also in order. Decisions, decisions.
  3. My camera. And lenses. The decisions on which lenses to bring is almost as agonizing as the decisions about what knitting to bring.
  4. My iPhone. Okay, so traveling internationally means I won’t be making lots of calls or sending lots of texts but I still can’t imagine not having my iPhone. I’d feel completely lost without it.
  5. My iPad. In the old days my list would always include books but now I just pack my iPad (and it’s charger) and I’ve got all the books I need thanks to the Kindle app.
  6. My L.L. Bean toiletry bag. I keep this stocked with pain relievers, travel sized tooth paste and deodorant, a tooth brush, ear plugs (Dale snores) and more. I have to put in my make up but everything else is already in there and ready to go.
  7. Jewelry. I’ve been told not to wear my diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band on this trip but I will be still be bringing earrings and necklaces for accessorizing.
  8. Handknits. For this trip I’m packing a lightweight lace shawl. On other trips I have brought socks, mittens, hats and more. If I’m going somewhere so are my handknits!
  9. Candles. I always have a small scented candle in my bag. Nothing spells romance like a little candle light.
  10. Identification. Must remember my passport. Must remember my passport. Must remember my passport.

I’ll be reading your lists carefully this week, hoping that they will prompt me to remember everything I need to pack! Please click the button below to add a link to your post.

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  1. What part of Mexico are you going to? We are going on our Honeymoon to Excellence Playa Mujeres, it is it’s own little penninsula in Cancun! Away from the hustle and bustle. I CAN’T EVEN WAIT! You must be so excited to go! Thanks for the list, I will probably use it myself 🙂

  2. I am going on an extended trip in July and I have already started to make lists and think about what I am going to pack. I will pack some knitting for when I am there but I don’t think any will go in my carry on. Traveling with my 14 month old will probably put the kibosh on plane knitting.

  3. Be careful with that iphone– you can really get screwed on charges when you are in foreign countries. Give your carrier a call before you go to find out how to avoid extra charges.

    Other things to bring; sunscreen, bug repellant, calamine lotion, etc., a map, a pocket Spanish-English dictionary, chargers for your electronics. Did you buy a new bathing suit?

    According to people on ravelry, you will be able to knit on your flight to Mexico but not from. I’m glad you raised the issue because I’m flying to Europe next month and I might have assumed that I could knit on the plane. Have a great time.

  4. I’m a list maker too when it comes to packing.

    I just got back from a trip and I could just kick myself for not bringing my camera. I thought my iPhone camera would be enough and I already had a bag of medical equipment and a tote for two carry-ons. I didn’t know that my destination would have soooo many photo ops. How do you carry on your camera when on flights? Do you use a largish camera bag that has room for other carry on items?

  5. Never having traveled internationally, I’ll just say good luck with the packing and I hope you have all you need while you’re on vacation! xoxo

  6. You should be fine with circular needles, they’re less pointy and intimidating 😉 One thing that has saved me stress many times is to put each cord (chargers/earbuds/power, etc) in a separate zip-loc baggie … that way they don’t get tangled, they’re easy to grab, and if you have to dump them for security, they go right back into your bag easy peasy! Also, before heading to the airport I take all my jewelry I’m wearing and put it into a zip-loc baggie … no fumbling in the security line to take it off to put in the bucket, and then I put it on once I get to the gate. Have fun – even though I’m going to miss you terribly, I just know you’re going to have a spectacular vacation!!!!!

  7. I’m a huge list maker. The Ipad is a life saver. So much stuff in one little piece of equipment! Have a great time!

  8. My mother’s advice is so right – take half as many clothes and twice as much money as you think you’ll need.

  9. I love Patty’s mother’s advice!!

    I travel a lot for work, so I keep a list on my computer of items I need to pack, adjusting it for each trip.

    No problem knitting on a flight leaving the US, but have heard of knitters having problems with knitting needles on flight coming back from outside the US.

  10. Mexico is lovely…Although I have to say it gives me pause when I’m warned not to wear my wedding ring on vacation. Just how (un)safe is it? Hope you have a marvelous trip and come home safely with stunning photographs.

  11. I travel a lot for work so I always keep a small bag packed with essentials like Motrin, hand sanitizer, and headphones. But the only absolute essentials are knitting project, cell phone, charger, passport, and credit cards. Anything else you can easily by when you get there.

  12. You may want to get a couple of prescriptions for common ailments (most doctors will write them for you if you are traveling). Cipro for travelers diarrhea, ear drops for swimmers ear, etc. Also, do you need an adapter for the plugs in Mexico? I know we do when we go to Europe.
    Have fun and don’t forget your passport! Put in in your bag right now, then triple check that it’s still there every day until you leave. That’s what I do.

  13. I like to have ziplock baggies. We are always picking up shells or rocks we want to bring home. Small first aid kit. Extra already charged camera battery. An extra fold-able bag for all my loot. An extra pair of cheap readers. Remember your sunscreen!

  14. You may want to forego the candle–when my daughter and I came back to Boston from Palm Beach recently, we got pulled aside by TSA and our luggage rummaged through, and it was finally determined to be the candle! It’s OK to bring them but they set off somekind of warning with TSA (because of the wick? because it had been lit? I do not know) and TSA rep looked until he found it. I would have mentioned it had I known!

  15. Knitting on the plane to Mexico is fine. 1st trip I had my inox dpn’s and had no trouble with security in Cancun. 2nd trip I had Knit Picks circular and had to throw them away at security. I would say if you want to try to bring knitting on the plane back, do it with needles you don’t mind losing, otherwise pack it where you can easily access it when you get stateside and enjoy your book for the 1st leg of the trip. Have fun! I’m going to St Kitts in 2 weeks myself 🙂

  16. Best travel tip someone gave me a few years ago. Make a master packing list of everything you could ever need for going anywhere. Print it out for each trip, cross off the snow shoes and parka you don’t need for the trip to Mexico and there’s your packing list. I always have a pack of hand sanitizing wipes in my carry-on. I like to wipe my tray on the plane, and may find a few other places over the course of vacation that seem suspect. Have fun!

  17. We visited Guanojuato Leon in November while my son was studying abroad.
    We had no food issues, we did not eat street food however.

    Are you headed to the coast? We were inland and had a fascinating trip.

    The buses can be very irregular in timing, but they are very clean.

    Have fun. Use your sunscreen…….

  18. Great list. i am curious–the ear plugs must actually work? My Jim snores something awful and it sounds like I should try the ear plugs. BTW, your organized approach to packing is awesome!

  19. great idea on the candles. I just repacked my bag. almost forgot my earrings and makeup.I don’t bring my rings just because I don’t want to be the flashy American and I’d be heartbroken if I lost them.

  20. so true about knitting stuff ok on the way out of the states but on the way out of Cancun I had to throw away a crochet hook :^( and my checked bag with all the cables (camera, laptop, chargers, etc.) was pullled by security on the way home, caused the whole plane to be slightly delayed deboarding. They told us there had been a security issue and then my bad had the orange securtiy tag saying it had been opened & inspected!

  21. My husband brought a pair of flip-flops that had a little tiny light embedded in each strap for walking about in the dark. But they came in handy for reading in bed at night (although the readers looked a little silly holding a shoe overhead.)

  22. wow – really nothing to add except that I hope y’all have a wonderful time…and the candle is an inspired idea!

  23. Traveling with kids means I always have a packing list and a prep list! Packing list for aspirin, sunblock, etc. And prep list to do the day before, like charging all my devices and packing the cords, calling the crediit card co. to let them know there are going to be some out-of-country shopping…
    Oh, and don’t forget your passport!

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