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A Really Awesome Father’s Day

As I mentioned the other day, Dale’s brother Glen and his wife Janet have been visiting for the past several weeks. On Father’s Day we had everyone over for a cook out and an afternoon of fun and games. What a treat for Dale’s dad, Jack, to have all 5 of his kids with him on Father’s Day!

Dale got a very funny and very appropriate talking deer card from Jessica. It had us all laughing.

And we served a portion of Patrick’s first turkey as an hors d’oeuvres. He was so proud and we all applauded him for being the “provider of the feast” for the first time.

Dale and his brother Barry were the grillmasters. We went through a whole lot of hamburgers and hot dogs, along with macaroni salad and tossed salad and yummy desserts.

Once we had finished eating it was time for some family photo ops.

There’s Jack with, from left to right, Dale, Lisa, Barry, Glen and Randy. They aren’t arranged by age but I tried. Honestly, it was like herding cats.

Being the goofy family that we are, of course I made them all make a silly face, too.

Here’s Jack with all of the kids and grandkids that were with us that day.

And finally, here’s the whole gang. We’re missing Barry’s wife and son Brian, along with our Brant, Heather & Ambrynn from Florida, and of course Glen’s kids and grandkids are on the West Coast – – – but still – – – it’s a pretty awesome bunch of family members!

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend the day! And such a great treat for Jack – to have all of his kids together! Fun times – and great memories.

  2. Good times! We really need to make more memories like that. I’ve got the cookout this weekend – I may be herding my own cats!

  3. That group looks onery and fun! Love the patriarch’s full beard! Miss Carole, you look lovely in the group photo!

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