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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Tulum Socks

I loved reading everyone’s posts yesterday about staying cool. I got some great ideas and plan on floating in a lake as soon as possible. In the meantime, I braved the heat to take photos of these finished socks for you.

I started them on the plane on the way to Mexico – with double pointed needles, no less. The yarn is Rio De La Plata Sock Yarn and I thought it was just the yarn for a trip to Mexico – colorful and fun and entertaining. I was sure I’d finish them while we were away.

And then I worked and worked and worked on them. Seriously, I don’t think a pair of socks has ever taken me this long to finish.

I was determined to finish them by the beginning of June and that deadline came and went. And then I was determined to finish them by the beginning of July and – again – that deadline came and went.

Finally, I made up my mind that I was not taking this project to New Hampshire with me and so I buckled down and got them down on July 2nd. I’ve never been so happy to be done with a pair of socks.

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  1. The socks I’m knitting are taking forever, too. Yours look like they have an incredibly fine gauge. Pretty yarn.

  2. Great pair of socks for traveling! Whenever you wear them you will remember where you were while knitting them and it will bring a smile (and a wish to be back in Mexico around January)!

  3. Looking good Carole – I’ve got a pair of your pattern on my needles right now. One done and one most likely taking the trip with us next week. I hope to come home with a finished set but you know how it goes! 😉

  4. I loved yesterday’s posts, too, but never could get myself together enough to post my ideas. Great topic!
    There is a time for everything and maybe your sock knitting days are waning. It’s not like you haven’t been knitting other things. You’re living life at it’s fullest instead of being tied to your needles. Great job on the socks!!

  5. Pretty, pretty sock yarn. Couldn’t find it at WEBS. But that’s OK because I have a lifetime’s worth of sock yarn already………

  6. The socks were worth the wait. They look like they are ready for a fall fiesta! Didn’t you recently finish a lace weight shawl? You’ve been knitting despite the time these socks required. It’s all good, eh?

  7. So? You got them finished before fall. The colors are perfect for you. Plus, you had the perseverance at finish even whe it turned into a bit of a slog. Nice going!

  8. Great yarn! Great socks! Now go dangle your tootsies in the water somewhere — they must be hot after posing in woolen socks 😉

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