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Ten On Tuesday

It’s hard to believe we have already passed the mid point of July – the summer days are definitely flying by but I still intend to make the most of my favorite season. One of the things I truly enjoy about summer is all of the special foods we eat this time of year. Some of them healthy, some of them indulgent but all of them delicious. Today I’m making a list of my Ten Favorite Summertime Treats.

  1. Lobster. Hot with melted butter or in a roll with lettuce, this has to go at the top of my list because I love it so much.
  2. Local tomatoes. I love them with mozzarella and basil or on a burger or just by themselves with salt and pepper.
  3. Local corn. I use only a teeny bit of butter and no salt at all. It’s sweet and delicious.
  4. Ice cream. I don’t eat ice cream often but it’s definitely a summertime treat for me. Peppermint stick or black raspberry, please.
  5. Fried clams. This is probably the most indulgent item on my list but I must have them when we go to the Cape on vacation.
  6. Iced Coffee. Cold brewed is my favorite.
  7. Blueberry pie. This is my favorite summertime pie. I like it warm from the oven with just a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  8. Sam Adams Porch Rocker. Part beer and part lemonade, it’s light and refreshing and delicious.
  9. Striper. You probably call it striped bass but around here it’s just called striper and when it’s fresh caught it’s fantastic.
  10. Summer squash. I love it on the grill, Dale loves it steamed until it’s mushy. Either way it’s pretty darned good.

These food lists are always so easy to write! And like always, now I’m hungry! What are your favorite summertime treats? Don’t forget to add your link below and click here if you’d like to receive the Ten on Tuesday topic email every Monday.

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  1. I agree with everything on your list, though I haven’t tried the Sam Adams. WIll remedy that soon!

  2. When I think of summer I think of berries, summer pudding and frozen desserts. On another note, I’m glad it’s finally cool enough to use the oven again. Now if we could only bring down the humidity…

  3. I have to add kabobs on the grille – while we eat them pretty much all year round, I swear they taste better in the summertime! A homemade wine spritzer, fresh blueberries straight from the bush, and yes, lobster! I made a delicious squash casserole this weekend that will make using up the abundant summer squash pretty simple!

  4. Fresh striper! yummy. We live in the west. Fresh would more likely be veggies or steak. Oh, and lobster! Grrl, that would be heaven!!

  5. Yup. I’m hungry, too, now…Lobster – well if I can get it on the coast, otherwise? No, ’cause it just isn’t worth it. (I’m too far inland and don’t get to Maine often enough *wink*) Iced coffee! This should have been on my list, I love it so!

  6. Great list! I haven’t had great corn yet this season. But I like it with just a touch of butter and some salt. That is the ONLY food I add salt to.

  7. Your summer bounty photos are so pretty, Carole! They belong in a Martha Stewart summer magazine.

    I’m all about the summer fruit. First strawberries, then blueberries. Now nectarines and peaches are getting good and very soon plums will be perfect. Summer fruit ends with raspberries until our first frost in October. I eat fruit at every meal and snack on it throughout the day!

  8. Yummy!! If I lived where you live, I’m sure lobster would be at the top of my list, too! I’ll have to look for Porch Rocker — sounds refreshing.

  9. Ummmm–it all sounds delicious with the possible exception of the mushy squash. i get so jealous when you mention lobster and clams. They are somewhat available here but very dear. So, they are definitely an occasional treat. I’m with you on the corn–it’s so sweet that it really doesn’t need embellishment although sometimes I like to grill it with basil and a little butter. Wonder what kind of genetic engineering makes it so sweet? (Daily buzz kill (-: )

  10. That blueberry pic picture is killing me! I will have to get your recipe and make one.

    It was striped bass that we saw jumping out of the water Sunday on the beach…LOL.

  11. I’m definitely an ice cream or sorbet kind of gal. We have a bit more of the litchi sorbet left, and 7 days till we move! It’s almost enough for me to make another batch of something!

  12. Crabmeat rolls
    Blueberry buckle/crisp or whatever
    Fresh oysters

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