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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Exuberance Progress

There are several problems when it comes to knitting lace. There is the problem of following the pattern and not screwing up. There is the problem of slippery silk yarn. There is the problem of loooooong rows that make for sloooooow progress.

And there is the problem of progress photos.

Here we have Exhibit A:

My Exuberance Shawl at it’s current state. You can’t tell much, can you?

And here we have Exhibit B:

While this is slightly better it’s still not much to look at. I mean, really, has anyone found a way to artistically photograph a shawl in progress? Because I surely have not.

I’ll have to use my words, I guess, and tell you that I’m on the final repeat of the small lace chart. After this there is one more stockinette section and then the large lace chart and then I’ll be done.

Don’t you like how I say that as if it’s imminent? Hahahahahaha.

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  1. Heh. Yes, but I know you’ll finish this one long before I finish any of the shawls I currently have OTN! That means it IS imminent!!
    Pretty yarn!

  2. It’s hard to photograph because it’s just quivering with excitement to be finished!! Can’t wait to see it completed 🙂

  3. Um, the yarn is pretty? ; ^) Every lace knitter has been there. They post-blocking payoff is always good.

  4. Shawls in progress are full of potential beauty, but they look more like brillo pads at this point. All silk must feel amazing, however.

  5. It is tough to photograph a lace shawl and make it look like something other than cat yak. It will be beautiful when it is done though!

  6. Your color is spectacular! I’ve knit three of Kirsten’s shawls (though you wouldn’t know that from my woefully un-updated Ravelry page). Her shawls never disappoint. What you need is a Friday with the AC on and Netflix. Have you gotten on the Parenthood bandwagon yet?

  7. Here I’m going to be a total lace curmudgeon. I don’t want to knit it, and I don’t want to wear it. (Ducking to avoid the icy stares from the many, many lovers of lace knitting.) The only even marginally lacy item I’ve made was the scarf with the funny name, a cross between Clapotis and the Baktus. It came out nicely, but I gave it away. And, to continue the curmudgeonly theme, I count myself lucky that I have not (yet) been infected by the lace knitting fever, so there.

  8. I’ve seen people partially block a shawl in progress out with an extra long needle, but it seems like more effort than it is worth and it still really isn’t artistic.

  9. Oooooo…this ooks like a very challenging pattern. It also looks like it will be worth the brain damage when it’s finished.

  10. Seems as though I’ve been knitting-on the border of a shawl for.ever! I had to tink back a few rows last night, but after I make that up I think there’s only one more repeat! Then the baby knitting can commence!

    I knit most of my shawls and things on straight needles, making the in-progress shots even worse, in my opinion (but I knit so much faster that way…). Can’t wait to see, Carole!

  11. Imminent shows optimism…I always try to think of my lace projects as imminent too. I like optimism in my knitting.

  12. HI
    ok so my shawl knitting is time #3 for the same pattern that is only a lace edge. This post may shame me into trying a “real” piece that is lace because even unfinished it look great!


  13. I’m knitting the same shawl! On the last st. st. section before the large lace pattern. I’m itching to finish as I keep thinking of the next thing to knit. Not exactly mindful or in the moment…..

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